Livestream Recap: May 27, 2016

Livestream Recap: May 27, 2016

Greetings Adventurers! Today’s livestream was mostly dedicated to discussing the new updates for Player vs. Environment content and Obsidian Tier 7 items, which has been fully detailed in this spotlight article. If you want a full description this new stuff, make sure to check this out! It has a blow-by-blow summary of the information covered in the livestream today.

Otherwise, you can catch the full livestream available on our Twitch channel, and watch a visual demonstration of the systems with some questions thrown in for good measure. Don’t forget, ArcheAge: Ascension launches on MAY 31ST!

Important Note: Do not use the Enoan Galleon “stun tactic” on Leviathan

Important Note: Do not use the Enoan Galleon “stun tactic” on Leviathan

Greetings All,

It has come to our attention that players are able to use a skill on the Enoan Galleon to stun Leviathan for a small period of time per use. After discussing the matter directly with XLGAMES, the use of this skill is not intended in that fight.

Please do not use this tactic when fighting Leviathan. If your guild uses this tactic, your account will receive disciplinary action.

This issue will be resolved in the upcoming update, Ascension.

Thank you very much in advance, Adventurers!

Guildies with Benefits and Surf n’ Turf Stay until May 31!

Guildies with Benefits and Surf n’ Turf Stay until May 31!

Great news for everyone! We will be extending the Guildies with Benefits and Surf n’ Turf events until May 31. For more information on these events, check out the paragraphs below!

Guildies with Benefits

Dates: 5/4/2016 ~ 5/31/2016 (4:59PM PDT)

Let’s be honest — there are mates and then there are MATES. It’s all about lasting relationships… and certain benefits!

Work with your guild administration to perform tasks which earns prestige for yourself and tokens for the guild administration. These tokens can be used to purchase physical advertisements or UCC items.

Talk to the agent Boson in Mirage Isle to start the event.

Surf N’ Turf

Dates: From now to 5/31/2016 (4:00PM PDT)

There are riches to be found whether you are on land or in water. All you need are a keen set of eyes and the willingness to go look for them.

Go mine for the Thiorium Veins which have a chance to drop Thiorium, or catch the GoldPufferfish in Austera (East) / Two Crown (West).

Thiorium can be exchanged a the Festival Gift Exchanger in Mirage Isle for a variety of rewards including the Owl Post Uniform. Gold Pufferfish can be exchanged for a variety of rewards including the rare vessel, Albatross Longliner.

A follow up to last week’s letter

A follow up to last week’s letters regarding the server sub-forums, profanity, and personal attacks

Hello again Adventurers,

Over the last few days, I and the rest of the team have been watching everyone’s chat and responses to last week’s letters from the Community Manager and Customer Service. Many of you have sent us all of your thoughts on these new changes, both positive and negative. With all of that feedback in mind, we wanted to let you know that we’ve been listening and will be implementing some changes and clarifications into the rules we presented last week.

First of all, let’s discuss the forums. Many of you have let us know that you love the server-specific forums and that you all really want a place to maintain and grow the communities on your individual servers. You want to hear about the escapades of your neighbors, listen to the in-game wars, and have a one-stop-shop for events and news. Some of you also suggested that you like the idea of the new rules, and would rather we just apply those new forum rules to the server specific sub-forums instead of eliminating them entirely.

This feedback was great, and we’re happy to let you all know that we’re going to be following it. This week, on Thursday, May 24th, the server-specific forums will not be removed. They are, of course, still subject to the new Community Rules. But please enjoy posting in those forums and discussing your server’s latest news with your neighbors.

One other piece of feedback that was universally brought up to us was the description of our first rule, which covers personal attacks against another player. Many read this rule and perceived it to be a rule that both outlawed profanity and outlawed PvP smack talk within public channels. This is absolutely not the intent of this rule.

Profanity in the public chat channels is still allowed in ArcheAge, and so is the usual battle smack talk. What isn’t allowed is taking your attacks so far that they begin to reference the player in real life rather than the character in-game. We’re talking about instances where a player launches into a volatile, personal crusade against another player for their actions in-game. This is the type of behavior that goes beyond simple smack talk, like finding pictures of a player and personally insulting their real-life appearance, insulting their family, or going beyond the confines of the game. It’s perfectly fine for you to say a few choice words when someone steals your packs, or to tell someone else that they suck for the camp they set up. It’s not okay when those choice words begin to cross out of the game and into the player’s personal life.

As of today, we are clarifying the rule as thus:

  • Personal, real-life attacks against another player: We understand that, in the play of ArcheAge, profanity, name-calling, and more can happen. However, personal attacks that involve the real life player and not the in-game character are not allowed. For example, you can say that someone is a “sh*tty wimpy Darkrunner” or that they use “assy tactics in PvP” but you can’t say that someone is a “sh*tty father” or “must be mentally handicapped in real life.” Keep it to the game and the game alone.

Finally, a note on harassment and targeted harassment. We did get some players reporting other players for camping them, threatening to camp someone on faction chat, or stalking them in-game in an attempt to kill them and drive them from a questing area. This type of behavior is allowed in ArcheAge, as it is the nature of a PvP game. If you are being camped, we encourage you to either call in back up, hire mercenaries, or leave the area and retreat to a Nui Statue, safe zone, or another conflict zone away from your attacker.

As always, if you have more questions or seek clarifications, please post your comments in the thread below.

Safe travels throughout Erenor,

The ArcheAge Team


Letter from the Community Manager, May 2016

Letter from the Community Manager, May 2016

Greetings friends! My name is Seraphina “Celestrata” Brennan and I’m the Senior Community Manager here on ArcheAge. (If you don’t know that by now, you should totally drop by the forums or livestream sometime and hang out with us. Don’t be a stranger!)

It’s been 9 months since I started here at Trion Worlds. Sure, that’s not a huge amount of time, but we have had a HUGE amount of updates in that short span. We’ve awakened the Heroes (Update 2.0), heard the Bloodsong (Update 2.5), welcomed the Winter Maiden, played with Pawesome Autumn Pets, ate awkward amounts of candy during Hallowtide, rode the waves of the Rum Runner Rapids, added a new security suite to protect the game, and, and… Well I think you get my point by now. It’s been BUSY to say the least.

In keeping up the trend of new things, I want to start a new tradition for us here on ArcheAge. All of you are quite accustomed to seeing letters written by our esteemed Senior Producer, Merv Lee Kwai, but we haven’t yet taken the time to write a letter detailing what’s happening in our player community. We have so many big plans for this year, and I want to personally let all of you know what’s coming down the road.

Read more of this new letter on our official website!

Congratulations to the winners of From Distant Shores!

Congratulations to the winners of From Distant Shores!

We know you’ve all been excited to hear who’s won this latest iteration of From Distant Shores and is taking home the Growling Yawl. Well, wait no more! Here are the winners for each region:

North American Winners

1st Place with 4,485 packs is… Elee of Ollo, a member of <KGB>!
2nd Place with EXACTLY 3,462 packs is… A TIE! Congratulations to Arganaut of Tahyang, a member of <Emergent Gameplay> AND Sirpurple of Kyrios, a member of <DISASTER>!
4th Place with 3,023 packs is… Scythe of Morpheus, a member of <PANTSU>!
5th Place with 2,963 packs is… Nightfall of Kyrios, a member of <Infernal>!

Thanks to this unbelievable tie, both Arganaut and Sirpurple will be receiving the second place reward, the Growling Yawl design.

European Winners

1st Place with 4,256 packs is… Queen of Dahuta, a member of <Savage>!
2nd Place with 4,099 packs is… Hawky of Shatigon, a member of <Aesir>!
3rd Place with 3,426 packs is… Hektor of Sirothe!
4th Place with 3,301 packs is… Qqqwwweeerrrtttyyy of Sirothe, a member of <Tryhard>!
5th Place with 2,677 packs is… Taiver of Leviathan, a member of <Arcane Mayhem>!

If your character name is on this list, expect to see an in-game mail containing your rewards reaching you very soon! But, even if you’re not on this list, everyone who ran a tradepack this weekend can redeem their participation reward by visiting and clicking on the 0 credit purchase to assign your reward to a character.

Some fun data from this weekend…

Total Packs Turned In: 128,276
Total Labor Spent Crafting/Turn In: 14,251,535

Total Packs Turned In North America: 63,761
Total Labor Spent North America: 7,077,471

Total Packs Turned In Europe: 64,496
Total Labor Spent Europe: 7,171,955

Total Packs Turned in PTS: 19 (Poor PTS…)

Leaderboards Per North American Server

1st Akaname 896
2nd Foxyfoxy 468
3rd Thanatoss 383

1st Sirpurple 3,462
2nd Nightfall 2,963
3rd Jgsowns 623

1st Elee 4,485
2nd Blackstars 458
3rd Sparklee 116

1st Arganaut 3,462
2nd Dirtydirty 799
3rd Wurmslayer 187

1st Fabulousfabio 1,934
2nd Auramek 1,063
3rd Sonynhaa 127

1st Shelios 337
2nd Tormentaa 168
3rd Siirya 112

1st Kiillii 2,437
2nd Elendriss 730
3rd Pkghost 664

1st Kagey 2,674
2nd Trakas 1,513
3rd Daholygroehl 511

1st Scythe 3,023
2nd Slayther 2,336
3rd Happykid 1,678

Leaderboards Per European Server

1st Hawky 4,099
2nd Nirty 1,714
3rd Wabi 191

1st Shaylah 1,714
2nd Mordad 1,305
3rd Alton 1,229

1st Anillan 686
2nd Nelena 439
3rd Rippley 376

1st Queen 4,256
2nd Khali 2,250
3rd Manowarr 1,779

1st Silverbloods 2,016
2nd Seelenlos 1,890
3rd Crimsonblood 1,353

1st Taiver 2,677
2nd Haarbal 904
3rd Iamcid 773

1st Hektor 3,426
2nd Qqqwwweeerrrtttyyy 3,301
3rd Dps 1,123

1st Ganicus 1,927
2nd Makion 1,807
3rd Lnwe 1,198

We hope everyone had a great time on the high seas this weekend, and look for more events coming in the future!


The ArcheAge Team

ArcheAge Name Change Service Now Available!

ArcheAge Name Change Service Now Available!

The day has come and the time has now passed — our brand new Name Change Service is available for all! To change your name, visit this link and purchase your name change today! To learn more about this service, drop by our official website and read this handy article.

Unfortunately, today’s release of the name change system will not come with the name reset. The team continues to work to make sure that everything is in place for the name reset to be performed. Some of these final changes require a major update to be performed on the game (as the in-game name change prompt needs some updated text) and so we’ll be releasing the name reset along with Update 2.9 on May 31st.

Thanks for your patience, and we’re excited to get these two updates to you!