Regarding Ongoing DDOS Challenges

Regarding Ongoing DDOS Challenges

Hello all,

We know that many of you have recently experienced difficulty connecting to our games over the past couple weeks. It’s been disruptive and frustrating – we hear you loud and clear. The constant, aggressive onslaught of DDOS attacks against multiple Network providers and here at Trion has been our #1 priority to address. We are and will continue to combat those issues moving forward.

In improving our resilience to these nearly-constant events, we’ve already taken a number of important steps:

1) First and foremost, we’ve been working around the clock with our ISPs to mitigate the major attacks when they happen. Every network provider is being hammered by DDOS attacks, which has caused connectivity issues across the map. It’s really unfortunate, but we’ve been doing our part to help and so have they.

2) We’ve upgraded major components of our network infrastructure. We can’t share details at depth here, but we can say that this has improved our ability to address a number of the DDOS issues. Most of you have been playing through dozens of attacks without any degradation in your play.

3) We’ve double and triple checked to ensure that we’re using best practices to harden our servers against a wider variety of types of attacks, as new ones are constantly being developed and deployed in the wild.

4) Our Firewalls are kept up-to-date and relevant and we’ve deployed a significant amount of automation to reduce any possible instances of human error.

The unpredictable nature of DDOS attacks makes it challenging to address in one fell swoop. However, we’ve already seen a big improvement from these measures. And this is only where we start – our network teams are also looking to implement additional, in-house measures in the coming days, and we’re working closely with our ISPs to bring even more of their capacities to bear.

We know this is a frustrating issue – it’s frustrating for us too. Please know that we are doing everything we can to mitigate the issues or render them irrelevant to your play.

Thanks very much for your patience.

The Trion Worlds Team

ArcheAge Network Issue Compensation Packs

ArcheAge Network Issue Compensation Packs

Hey everyone,

We experienced a series of network issues last week that caused disconnections and latency across all Trion Worlds games. We’ve worked hard on resolving the issues, and we’re happy to let you know that we’ve just installed new hardware to help manage these issues in future.

Now that connections have become stable once again, we want to provide everyone who logged in during the issues with a heartfelt “Thank you!” for sticking with us through last week’s challenges. We know how frustrating disconnections can be and hope to see you back in your favorite Trion game soon.

If you logged in to ArcheAge between November 9th through Noon PST on the 22nd, over the next several days, you will receive the following:

Everyone: Drumstick, the permanent cosmetic Turkey pet (as many of you may have missed the final week of the event and ruined your streak) and 1 Login Badge (representing 21+ days of logins)
Patrons: Five extra days of Patron time will be added to your account!

You can claim this 0 credit pack of items by visiting and logging in. Look for the “ArcheAge Outage: Compensation” pack. Patrons: Your free time will be automatically added to your account with no action required from you. If you do not see the pack in your Glyph Store yet, check back later, as the items are still being sent.

Thanks again for adventuring with us in our many worlds.
Now, let’s get back to gaming!

All of your friends at Trion Worlds

Cook your heart out in the Feastival: Nov. 22 – Dec. 9

Cook your heart out in the Feastival: Nov. 22 – Dec. 9

Can you stand amongst the legendary chefs of Erenor, or will you be chopped under the pressure?

Test yourself in the Feastival, running Hasla from Nov. 22 at 12:01 AM UTC until December 9 at 11:59 PM UTC. To get there, either visit a festival gate in your capital city or Diamond Shores, or visit Hasla yourself! The region has been set into Festival Law for the duration of the event, so no attacking one another (except for Guild Dominions, of course!)

Daily Quests

  • Visit Eldest Princess Esana to get a letter to give to Master Chef Haines. Delivering the letter will offer 1 Feastival Coin and your choice of special Gembloom Seed. Plant the seed to acquire a flower petal that can be used to get special Flowerbed Housing Decor.
  • Delivering 100 Iron Ingots to Blacksmith Hankson to gain 5 Feastival Coins.
  • Help Cooking Researcher Konney produce Creative Recipe Notes using paper, memory ink, and 10 labor to gain a Feastival Coin and a small amount of printing proficency.
  • Sharpen a knife for Kitchen Assistant Conway using Hankson’s anvil to gain a Feastival Coin.

Timed Quests

  • Assist Cattle Wrangler Mai by feeding a hungry cat with a sardine to gain another Feastival Coin. Mai and the Cat will visit the festival regularly at 12 PM, 6 PM, and 9 PM UTC for Europe and 8 AM, 2 PM, 5 PM PST for North America.
  • Legendary Chef Leonan will also be challenging adventurers to cook special Royal dishes daily at the same time as Mai’s requests (12 PM, 6 PM, and 9 PM UTC for Europe and 8 AM, 2 PM, 5 PM PST for North America.) Completing his challenge will net you 3 Feastival Coins and a little extra cooking proficiency.


Complete these achievements for extra rewards:

Participate in the Feastival: Participate in the Ishvara Festival 2016 — 5 Coins
Hungry for Love: Complete “Culinary Appetites” 5 times. — 1 Coin
Sharper than Cheddar: Complete “Cutting it Close” 5 times. — 1 Coin
Hot off the Press: Complete “A Recipe for Greatness” 5 times. — 1 Coin
Hungry Hungry Kitties: Complete “Udder Cat-astrophe” 25 times. — 3 Coins
Utensil Tender: Complete “The Feastival Smith” 5 times. — 1 Coins
The Porridge Potentate: Complete “A Royal Dish” 10 times. — 2 Coins


This festival offers some great Flowerbed Decor which can be purchased with flower petals (see above) and 30 Coins or 50 Coins and 30 Blue Salt Hammers for the Chromatic version. You can also get the Balsam Garden Instrument Decor or a special Feastival Decoration for 50 Coins and 20 Blue Salt Hammers for your home too!

Also be on the look out for special cooking themed weapon skins for all of your weapons, including:

  • The Butter Beheader — 1H Sword
  • The Croissant Cleaver — 2H Sword
  • The Marmalade Manger — 1H Katana
  • The Hummus Humiliator — 2H Katana
  • The Jamspreader Jackknife — Dagger
  • The Deadly Dinner Fork — 2H Spear, 1H Spear
  • The Short Whisk Whaler — 1H Staff
  • The Mightly Whisk Walloper — 2H Staff
  • The Corn Club — 1H Club
  • The Mighty Maize Mace — 2H Club
  • The Pizza Cutter — 1H Axe
  • The Stromboli Slicer — 2H Axe
  • The Iron Skillet — Shield
  • The Scallion Sniper — Bow

All skins are 80 Coins and 30 Blue Salt Hammers.

Finally, you can use your Feastival Coins for a Vibrant Greenman Buff (+150 Magic Resist) or an Evergreen Yata Buff (+150 Physical Defense) for 10 coins each.

Will you stand at the top of the pancake stack, or will you be left out in last night’s grease?

Readiness Report: Uncharted Lands

Readiness Report: Uncharted Lands

So I hear y’all explorer types have been itchin’ to cross some of these here mountains. Maybe that’s why no one ever visits me! Well lucky for you folks there’s plenty more to see, and plenty more places to settle down than ever before!

New Adventure Zones – Airain Rock, Aubre Cradle, Sunbite Wilds

The homelands of the Warborn and the (far superior) Dwarves, are amongst the first of the new lands you’ll lay your peepers on when the Revelation arrives. Yer’ gonna need some new clothing, because both Airain Rock, Aubre Cradle and Sunbite Wilds have climates that you “Continental” folk aren’t use to. And don’t go lecturin’ me that “you’ve been up reclaiming Auroria, how bad could it be.” We’re talkin’ freezin’ peaks, scorchin’ deserts, and new monsters that you hardy souls have never seen in yer’ lives before!

New Housing Zones – Rokhala Mountains & Ahnimar

Now some of y’all have been lookin’ to make roost ‘round these parts, am I right? THEN YOU’RE IN LUCK! Some of the finest, largest and flattest parts of Erenor are out beyond where you folks wander. If you’ve been spending time in the East, make sure to visit Rokhala Mountains. If you fly ‘round the West, then you can nest in with the Daru in Ahnimar. (Just don’t let ‘em get close to your gilda stars. Or your purse. Or your belongings. Or anythin’ really.) Both of these regions are permanently peaceful, and ready for your new homes!

New System – Residency & Community Centers

Did I mention, by the way, that I have a few anonymous sources in the local governments? I mean, little ‘ol me doesn’t want to name names or anythin’, that’s a violation of my journalistic integrity! BUT, its lookin’ like the continental residency project is goin’ forward!

If you have land that’s 16×16 or larger in a designated region, you’ll be able to contribute to the construction of the local community center. You can be a resident of multiple zones, so don’t you worry your head about makin’ difficult choices. Also, if you don’t own land, you can still use some of the Community Center’s advantages, like the workbenches or vendors. (Yes, even you nasty pirate folk!)

If you are a resident, you’ll get daily quests from the community center manager that you can complete to earn Resident Tokens. Once you have some, take ‘em back to the center and hand ‘em over to increase the building’s resources.

At higher ranks, residents and non-residents will be able to use a specialized benefit depending on the center.

  • Plant (Gweonid Forest, Karkasse Ridgelands, Villanelle, Silent Forest, Rokhala Mountains, Ahnimar) – The center sells a new type of plant seed and seed bundle unique to the zone, like watermelon. Seeds are sold at rank 2, while bundles are sold at rank 3.
  • Antiquities (Two Crowns, White Arden, Hasla, Perinoor Ruins) – A merchant who peddles a new type of trade packs that can be turned in for profit.
  • Ship (Solzreed Peninsula, Lilyut Hills, Dewstone Plains, Mahadevi, Solis Headlands, Sunbite Wilds) – A merchant that allows you to purchase temporary versions of ships at rank 3
  • Vehicles (Aubre Cradle, Airain Rock, Arcum Iris, Tigerspine Mountains) – A merchant that allows you to purchase temporary versions of cars at rank 3.
  • Crafting (Marianople, Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Halcyona, Falcorth Plains, Rookborne Basin, Windscour Savannah) – These centers offer advanced workbenches. A Basic Improved Workbench appears at rank 2, and a Grand Improved Workbench appears at rank 3.
  • Arrow of Judgement (Ynystere, Cinderstone Moor) – At rank 3, these centers can fire a bolt of energy at an opposing community center, ranking it down to rank 1. Only a resident with over 150 contribution can fire it.

At rank 3, you’ll have 7 days to make use of its resources before the building deteriorates back to rank 1. At this time, you residents will be gettin’ a cut of the profits the center made while peddling its wares. The more you contribute to the community center, the larger your cut will be. The total amount given is also dependent on how used your community center was, so attract folks to your region!

My next feature article is gonna be a doozie, so make sure to keep an eye to the owls! This is Rinni Featherscript, signin’ off while hopin’ your adventures aim high and fly fast!

Bonus regrade event EXTENDED through November 17!

Bonus regrade event EXTENDED through November 17!


Due to all of the recent connectivity issues that many experienced last week and over the weekend, we’ve added two extra days to the bonus regrade event and buy one, get one regrade charms!

This week’s maintenance has been moved out to occur at 1:00 AM UTC on November 18 for the European Servers, and 8:00 AM PST on November 18 for the North American Servers. The bonus regrade event and buy one, get one regrade charms will be disabled at the same time as we perform maintenance.

We hope you enjoy the two extra days of the event, and there’s more news to come on compensation packages in the future.

The ArcheAge Team

ArcheAge Version 2.9B Patch Notes — Pre-Revelation, November Update

ArcheAge Version 2.9B Patch Notes — Pre-Revelation, November Update

“I wrote this stuff.” -Khrolan

New Content Additions

Pre-Revelation Regrade Event!
The final regrade event of 2016 is now here. The event is enabled once this game update is live. It will be available for the EU region after the update on 11/9 at 2am UTC (11/8 at 6pm PST) and for NA after the update on 11/9 at 8am PST.

Regrade Event Details:

  • The event will end with a weekly update on 11/16 at 2am UTC for Europe and 11/16 at 8am PST for North America.
  • Regrade success chance on weapons, armor, and accessories has been improved by 50% of base success chance per grade from Grand to Unique.
  • Regrade success chance at Celestial grade has not been improved but weapons, armor, and accessories of this grade will not be destroyed upon failure – they will only downgrade if the regrade has failed.
  • Good luck, ameno, etc.

Mistsong Conquest
Daily quests that grant bonus rewards for killing bosses in Mistsong Summit are now available. These quests will poof at midnight on 11/22 UTC.

  • The Mistsong Avenger: Easy Difficulty quest requires 1 boss to be killed on Easy Mode and rewards 1x Daru Giftbox
  • The Mistsong Avenger: Normal Difficulty quest requires 1 boss to be killed on Normal Mode and rewards 2x Daru Giftbox
  • The Mistsong Avenger: Hard Difficulty quest requires 1 boss to be killed on Hard Mode and rewards 4x Daru Giftbox
  • Daru Giftboxes randomly contain: Warrior’s Medals, Honor Tonics, Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy, Superior and Fine Fire and Wave Lunarite.
  • The completion of these quests grants additional Merit Badges.
  • Characters must be level 54 or higher to participate.

Feastival Festival
The fabled cooking festival that takes place outside of Veroe in Hasla will begin on 11/23 after maintenance and run until servers come down for the Revelation Update on 12/9. Players can undertake daily objectives to earn event tokens and ultimately purchase cooking themed weapon skins. More details will be provided about this event in future update notes. WARNING: If you eat your weapons, they probably won’t work anymore.

The Daily Loyalty Token amount granted to ArcheAge Patrons through the Divine Clock has been temporarily increased. Between November 9th and December 8th patrons will earn 5 tokens per day upon login and 3 tokens each additional hour for a maximum of 14 tokens at 3 hours of play (5+3+3+3=14=yay). This bonus has been granted due to Loyalty Shop items changing with the upcoming Revelation update. We remain committed to our previous promise of providing enough loyalty to purchase an item before we remove it from the shop. 600+ token items will remain on the shop for Legacy servers only and the dates on which they will be removed will be announced in 2017.

Bug Fixes

  • Some Tier 7 Obsidian Weapons will now properly show their high grade weapon glow effects.
  • Housing placement issues in Sungold Fields have been resolved.
  • The system will now prevent stacking of the Territory Work Permit buff from the same zone.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented loot rules from working correctly when the loot master is kicked from a raid or party.
  • Fixed a bug that caused the Stormduster glider to become de-summoned during turbulence instead of correctly flailing around uncontrollably.
  • Minor descriptive text adjustments (Heather Dye, Guild Mission: Colonizing Auroria Quest)

31 Days until Revelation (3.0). 화이팅!

ArcheAge Revelation Week 2 Livestream — November 4 at 1:30 PM PDT

ArcheAge Revelation Week 2 Livestream — November 4 at 1:30 PM PDT

Join Senior Producer Merv “Khrolan” Lee Kwai, Producer Amanda “Amary” Fry, and Localization Tester Sophie “Socke” Pickens on the Trion Worlds Twitch channel for our next ArcheAge livestream!

It’s week two of our Revelation Update coverage, and we’re picking up where we left off last week! We’re going to continue our tour of the new zones coming to the game this December, as well as further details on our two newest races: Dwarves and Warborn!

ArcheAge Revelation Week 2 Livestream
Twitch Channel:
Start Time: Friday, November 4 at 1:30 PM PDT (GMT-8)
Duration: 45-50 minutes

Make sure to stick around to the end of the livestream, because we’ll be hosting our usual giveaway and you could win!