Guild Naming After The Evolution

Hello everyone,

Unfortunately, despite the team’s best efforts, guild names cannot be transferred as a part of the Evolution due to a way the data is structured within the game. While your guild experience and guild prestige will still be preserved and returned to you as stated before, the guild name cannot be.

Guild leaders on Evolution servers will have to remake their guilds upon logging back into the game. (Non-Evolution servers are not affected.) Please see the below list of information regarding this topic:

  • Once servers are available, players may log in and re-create their guild.
  • If it appears their guild name has been claimed by a player who shouldn’t have, the guild leader and ONLY the guild leader can report that their name was taken to Customer Service via
  • Our GMs can then look to see if the that player is in fact a guild leader and if their account should have that guild. Customer Service has a record of all guilds that existed in all Evolution servers, as well as their owning characters and accounts. If the player possessed the guild name in the past, and it looks like it was claimed by another player either by accident or by force, the team will grant it back to the rightful owner.
    • Please be aware that maliciously taking a guild name in order to impersonate it or keep it from its rightful owners may lead to a punishment against your account.
  • If the other player who has the guild name also has a right to it, then they get to keep it. Again, first-come, first-serve. (ex: On Server X a guild is named "TestName", and on Server Y a guild is named "TestName", the first guild leader to sign in and claim it gets to keep it.)

We again apologize for this inconvenience, and we look forward to seeing everyone back on the servers once the Evolution is complete.

– The Archeage Team

Server Downtime for Server Evolution

Hello Adventurers,

The server Evolution is upon us!

If you’ve been stuck in Sennimal’s Prison for the past couple months then maybe you’re not aware of the server Evolutions. If you’ve got questions about it, your fellow adventurers have probably already asked, so be sure to catch up!

All servers will be disabled and the game will be down for the duration listed below:

North America – Down on September 7 at 12:00 PM PDT. Up on September 9 between 12:00 PM PDT and 4 PM PDT.
Europe – Down on September 7 at 2:00 PM UTC. Up on September 9 between 2:00 PM UTC and 6:00 PM UTC.

Here’s a reminder of which servers are being affected by the Evolution process:

North America

Ollo, Tahyang, and Salphira will be evolved into CONVICTION.
Morpheus, Nazar, and Hanure will be evolved into THUNDERWING.


Kyprosa, Dahuta, and Rangora will be evolved into TEMPEST.
Leviathan, Anthalon, and Sirothe will be evolved into RETRIBUTION.

Legacy servers not affected by the Evolution – Aranzeb, Kyrios, and Kraken in North America and Shatigon and Eanna in Europe.

Our Fresh Start servers – Reckoning, Vengeance, and Prophecy – will also not be affected by the Evolution.

Here are our current dates for everything remaining in the Evolution process:

September 7-9th: ArcheAge will be unavailable as we perform Evolution related maintenance.

September 9th: Europe and North America will be brought back online at separate times. During these periods, we will launch a single server at a time in order to control server loads and give everyone a chance to log in. AFK kick will be enabled on Evolution worlds. During this time there may be queues on Evolution worlds due to the number of players attempting to log in at once.

We will be disabling construction during the following times:

North America – Down on September 7 at 12:00 PM PDT. Up on September 10 at 12:00 PM PDT.
Europe – Down on September 7 at 2:00 PM UTC. Up on September 10 at 2:00 PM UTC.

Forum Changes

We’ll also be evolving the server subforums so you can get to know your new communities!

With the new AH clusters, we’re also merging the non-FS NA subforums together.

– The ArcheAge Team