Ezi's Light Buff and Figureheads

Greetings, Adventurers!

Recently, there has been an increasing number of instances of players using a long standing behavior to kill world bosses such as the Leviathan, and Abyssal Kraken. This method involves using the destruction of a clipper to generate a temporary Ezi’s Light buff, allowing a player to bypass the cooldown on the figurehead of their ships.

While this method is using mechanics that are in game, and have been for quite some time, we feel that this type of gameplay is not working as it is intended, due to the ability to negate the cooldown of figureheads. We have previously requested a review of this functionality and will be doing so once again. At this time, this is considered an unsupported feature that will be placed under review, but is not disallowed. Bear in mind, that the use of this combined with any other type of actions that violate our policies, or if used to an extreme degree, may result in disciplinary action taken on offending accounts.

Looking for Fantastically Foxy Fashion?

Spruce up your wardrobe with the brand new Werefox Robes.

If you feel it’s time to expand your style, these robes are a great place to start! You can pick up the Werefox costume for 400 loyalty, and it can also be found in the Werefox Crate (contents listed below).

Amidal, the "Mind Stealer," was an infamous Silent Jade agent and an unparalleled spy. It was said that he could infiltrate any target, and uncover any secret. It wasn’t until he was nearly captured by an enraged warlord that Amidal’s own great secret was finally revealed: in addition to being one of the most prized agents in the Haranyan underworld, Amidal was a powerful Werefox.

Notes: Cannot be died. Binds on Pickup (BoP) (May be sold on a Auction Mannequin). Alternate appearance hides the helmet (mask/ears).

The Werefox Crate (450 credits) can possibly include the following items:

  • Common Drops:
    • Lucky Quicksilver Tonic
    • Honor Boost Tonic
    • Vocation Expertise Tonic
    • Healing Grimoire
    • Meditation Grimoire
    • Greedy Grimoire
    • Clear Synthium Shard
    • Combat Scroll: Attack
    • Synthium Soap
  • Uncommon Drops:
    • Vivid Synthium Shard
    • Bound Hereafter Stone
    • Auction Mannequin
    • Expansion Scroll
    • Specialization Snowflake
  • Rare Drops:
    • Secret Lunatear: Fire, Gale, Earth, Wave, Life
    • Lucid Synthium Shard
    • Multi-Wagon Upgrade Ticket
    • Majestic Tree
    • Mining Drill
    • Salon Certificate
    • Crest Trade Pack Storage
    • Special Pirate Plushie Trove
    • Language Proficiency Spellbook
    • Aurora Storage chest
    • Indomitable Lunafrost: Hostility, Transcendent, Tracker, Love
    • Distorted Lunafrost: Hostility, Transcendent, Tracker, Love
    • Prime Armor/Weapon Temper
    • Werefox Costume
  • Very Rare Drops:
    • Resplendent Armor Temper
    • Resplendent Weapon Temper
    • Wrapped Serendipity Stone
    • Radiant Synthium Shard

– The ArcheAge Team