October 10, 2018 Patch Notes

  • Fixed the Crystal Wings and Stormduster Glider do not have the crafting recipes
  • Fixed sidestep movement while running is slow when mounted on the Celestial Kitsu
  • New auction posting is going to be disabled until the evolution
  • These timed buff items will be disabled from consuming them until the evolution
    • Language Proficiency Spellbook
    • Vocation Tonic
    • Professional Tonic
    • Vocation Expertise Tonic
    • Immortal XP Tonic
    • Honor Boost Tonic
    • Lucky Quicksilver Tonic
    • XP Boost Potion
  • Database maintenance

Marketplace Errors: Labor/Vocation Stipends Switched

Hello all,

It appears that the Marketplace delivery fell out of the truck and got jumbled, mixing up the 30-Day Vocation and 30-Day Labor Stipends – we’re working on a fix right now, and our CS folks are poised to assist anyone that has issues.

Please file a ticket via support.trionworlds.com and they’ll take care of you!