ArcheAge: January 2018 Patch Notes


  • Drydocks have been changed, and can now only be placed within range of an Ezi’s Light. This change has come to help counteract players blocking with drydocks.
  • The new Fortune Cookie event has been added.
  • The new Miroir Tundra Ice Fishing Festival has been added.
  • The animation for opening Mistsong Reticules has been shortened. ‘Ain’t nobody got time for that!’

Bug Fixes:

  • Fixed a bug that caused the Roasted Meat buff to increase the amount of PvE damage a player would take, rather than reducing it.
  • When the effect of the Transportation Ticket wears off on the main character, the follower will continue to follow until motion stops.
  • Fixed an issue where inviting new members into a guild could cause the guild’s gear score ranking to fall.
  • Meteor Strike has been fixed so it no longer gives 2 Abyssal Charges and, instead grants only 1 as the tool tip explains.
  • Fixed an error that caused Haunted Chests to drop incorrect items not intended for our version.
  • Corrected some daily quests so they no longer award Merit Badges.
  • Fixed cut off text on the Siege Pedestal UI.
  • Corrupted Kyrios tooltips now show additional gear icons at the bottom.
  • The level requirement is now displayed first in the Raid Recruitment UI.
  • Purchased multi-day resurrection scrolls will no longer be consumed upon a single use.
  • Fixed a bug that caused specific versions of Crystal Wings to repeatedly gain altitude.
  • Players can no longer stealth with the Violet Bloomfang pet and avoid an attack by the guards. Bloomfang is sick of getting beat up.
  • Fixed the Motorbike so some songs no longer infinitely loop on the radio.
  • Fixed a graphical glitch on the Harani female version of the Eclipse Knight costume.
  • Fixed a bug that could cause player nations to be transferred to a character who was pending deletion.
  • Completing trade achievements will now appropriately update the Achievement window after the achievement is completed.

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