ArcheAge: Legends Return Official Patch Notes

ArcheAge: Legends Return Official Patch Notes

The following release notes contain information about our latest major ArcheAge update: Legends Return!

Summon the might of the ancient Dragon Flights
“The powers of old have returned…”



You may not know his name, but you know his form, don’t you? You know the sound of his wings, the sting of his claws, and the heat of his breath. The Great Red Dragon, last of his kind. Yes… he is one you have faced many times before in Karkasse Ridgelands, no doubt.

But did you know the conflict he held with his father, Stereban? Did you know of the frozen hatred that congeals in his heart, the kind of raw emotion that only a dragon of the ancient times can hold? No… this is a story that was never revealed to you, even as you conquered the seas and reclaimed your home. You focused only on the present and what conflicts lie ahead. You failed to look back at the past.

Ospheros was Stereban’s greatest disappointment. His own son turned traitor against his own flight, even going so far to kill his mother, Mesania, just to absorb her energy and stoke his power. Stereban needed to kill him, but he did not make the decision in haste. He visited his kin, the Ice Flight, and left his last will with his frosted brethren before the day of battle approached.

Even as Stereban died in Karkasse, his blood spilling across the ground, he had succeeded in enacting his plan. His claws rend deep into Ospheros’s flesh, and Stereban pulled from him the crystalline manifestation of his son’s hatred — an artifact known as the Heart of Frozen Flame. Stereban clutched it close, and Ospheros never realized his mistake. He flew onwards, triumphant, as his father lay dying with the artifact.

The Ice Flight came to enact the last will, but things did not go as expected. Instead of burying him, they took the Heart of Frozen Flame from Stereban’s claws and hid it from the world, deep in the ground.

Ages past and the memory of this day faded, as all things do with time. But with the loss of Stereban and Mesania, things did not go well for the Red Dragons. The energy that flowed through their blood had faded as it redirected to Ospheros, and the newly created eggs did not hatch. Many simply cracked with no newborn inside, the body faded to dust that blew helplessly across the earth.

Not knowing what to do, the emissaries of the Red Flight turned to the last ancient power left in the world — The Daru. A few had remembered the stories of the Ice Flight and had located the burial ground of the Heart of Frozen Flame. They retrieved the artifact and begged the Daru Dragon Trainers and Priests to save their young, to re-empower their eggs with Archeum. But the Trainers simply shook their heads. “Trainy-train we can givey-give,” they said, “But hatchy-hatch is out of reach. No energy. No eggs.”

But when a Priest came close to the Heart and the thorns of hatred pierced his mind, he knew that an energy so great could perhaps be twisted to some form of good. There was a chance.

The Dragons and Daru began to conspire, and their plan required another ally within the world — the Dwarves of Airain Rock. Their machinery could perhaps be the tool that could remake this awful energy into something usable. But the Dwarves demanded that the newly born dragons be given to their army and only their army. The two powers refused and the Dwarves were enraged. Their soldiers began spreading lies to the Nuian Dragon Slayers, informing them that there was a clutch of eggs that would hatch and threaten their blossoming cities.

The location of the eggs? Ahinmar, home of the Daru.

The Daru immediately contacted the Flight and informed them that the alliance was off — now it was they who were in the crosshairs, and they could not afford a direct attack. But just as all hope seemed lost, the masterful Shadow Daru entered the meeting with his kin. What happened next would be preserved for all-time in Daru history.

The Shadow Daru and his Society spread the rumors that the Daru had relocated the eggs to Miroir Tundra, and the move would provide a perfect opportunity for the Nuian Dragon Slayers to strike. Their best warriors immediately opened a Hereafter Gate to the Tundra, and there they found a Black Dragon and a Green Dragon waiting in ambush. Two warriors of the other flights had offered up their lives for this very moment.

Without hesitating, the warriors pulled back their bows and launched their scale-piercing arrows towards the great beasts. Then, with a loud crack, reality seemed to split around the Dragons. It was an illusion — a reflection in the great Mirror of Nuon! Sunlight reflected off of the glass pieces and poured through the cracks. The magically amplified arrows had shattered the great mirror. The failing magical artifact acted as a prism and focused the energy squarely on the Heart of Frozen Flame hidden by the Shadow Daru. The resulting explosion knocked the Slayers off of their feet.

Enraged by the illusion, the Slayers turned and found the Dragons hidden behind them. Again they pulled their bows taught, but this time they struck scale. Arrows hit the two beasts from all sides — an ambush worthy of their name as Slayers. The Black and Green warriors fell to the ground, their breath barely escaping their failing lungs. But, what was left of them blew over the Heart of Frozen Flame, and it its colors began to shift wildly between red, black, and green. A perfect memorial to those who gave their souls.

The Slayers eventually left, their job completed, but the Daru collected the broken pieces of the mirror for themselves. They placed the fragments into a newly created machine that could reflect the light of the sun into the Heart, and then they waited.

They did not have to wait long.

Flesh formed over the heart, and open eyes formed soon after. The fragment took on the light of life, and the first of the new generation of the Red Flight was born. But the other fragments of the Frozen Heart that glittered with the power of the Green and Black flights began to morph as well, and soon the Daru found themselves with three dragons ready to claim their heritage.

The trainers worked with them to re-introduce them to their families, and the Priests “blessy-blessed” their births as they came into the world. The Flights were overjoyed — their lineage could now be secured. Even though these new dragons did not live as long as their bretheren, and even though they needed to continue to pour magic into the beasts to keep them corporeal, a life was still a life.

Ospheros still lives, as you know, and that wound is still open on his chest. His hatred of his kin will never die… but a well placed strike can still knock loose another shard. Another Heart of Frozen Flame.

Fate is clearly not without a sense of humor. The being that desired the end of the dragons is now the source of their life.”

— From the Collected Writings of Celestrata Bloodsong, Fatesighted of Khrolan’s Expedition


If you desire your very own dragon, head to the Karkasse Ridgelands and take on Ospheros, the Red Dragon! Rarely, after his death, a Heart of Frozen Flame may be dropped. Take it to the Daru Priests and Trainers visiting in Marianople, Austera, or Growlgate to begin the path of summoning your dragon.

More information on the summoning process can be found in this in-depth article.

Dragons are considered server specific items, so players who are currently summoning one may not transfer away from their server.

Avoid destruction with crafted item Crystallization
“Holy crap it didn’t blow up. And here I ducked behind this Nui statue just in case. Sorry, love.”

Illustrious, Magnificent, Epherium, Delphinad, and Ayanad pieces of Equipment are now no longer destroyed on a Great Failure regrade result! They are instead Crystallized — a magical stasis that prevents the item from entering severe archeum disintegration but prevents it from being empowered any further.

Crystallized items can continue to be used as normal items, but they can no longer be regraded. Equip them and use them to your heart’s content, and even keep them to be sacrificed to an Erenor item for future upgrades.

If you have Anchoring Shards and Charms, you may continue to use them as normal. These items will now prevent Crystallization on these items instead of Destruction. Otherwise, they will continue to function as normal.

Improved Regrade rates for all
“I think we’re getting better with this type of magic. Practice makes perfect.”

Item Regrade rates have been improved across the board. All paths — Easy, Medium, and Hard — have received a boost to make Regrading more accessible than ever before. All of the new rates can be found in this website article.

Beware the darkness; Shadow Invasions inbound
“It knows your desires. It watches your moves, and it counterbalances the bright future you attempt to forge.”
After the death of specific world bosses, the Shadow will lash back out at you and create a Shadow Invasion — an incursion of forces most foul. Many experienced raids of players (10+, 6000 GS) will be able to face this new threat for lunarite, honor, and rare materials that can be used for trade packs.

To see which bosses trigger these invasions, check out this article.

Securely create goods for others with Crafting Requests
“Sounds like the Blue Salt Brotherhood has gotten fed up with some folks stealing from others, posing as craftsmen. Their solution? Standing in as officially licensed mediators. It might just work.”

Craftsmen and buyers alike will find the new Crafting Request system to fulfill their desires! Officially ask others to craft items for you in a secure trading system, and benefit from both money and skill improvements.

As a buyer, you can now add in a crafting request for an item from any Community Center Crafting Request workbench, or by pressing the “Crafting Request” button in the folio on the item you desire. You can post how much you’re willing to pay, and provide both materials or the item that needs to be upcrafted.

As a craftsman, you can view all listed postings and find ones which you can complete at your skill level. Then, simply volunteer your time and services to be immediately paid and gain proficiency in your trade. They provide the mats, you provide the labor!

The request system works with creating new items, upcrafting existing items, or dismantling items you no longer desire. So feel secure that your Celestial Katana isn’t going to get ripped off by a rando anymore.

The Battle Balance Update
“All the magic returning to the world is having an effect on folks’ training. You may want to revisit how that magical power of yours is coursing through your bones.”

Update 4.5 also adds in the Battle Balance update — a major overhaul of ArcheAge’s skill trees and effects. Many skills have swapped trees or been removed from the game completely, so visit the skill section to check your builds and adjust accordingly. Also stop by the General Changes section to review how statistics have been changed in Update 4.5, as that may affect you too.

To account for these major changes, skill changes will be free for the next 3 weeks after the release of Legends Return. Swap to your heart’s content, find what you love, and stick with it!

Finally, Skillsaver Pendants are now called Saving Pendants, and will save more than just skills! Your custom stats set through Stat Migration will now also be saved per build, allowing you to maintain multiple trees of skills and different selections of stats to compliment them.

General Changes

  • Added new achievements related to the Dragon Summoning system.
  • Achievements related to the Illustrious Weapons and Armor have been removed, due to their new ease of acquisition.
  • Added an Ancestral Level category to the Story Quest Achievement List.
  • Added a Tier 3 Lunagem Crafting achievement: Lunagemologist. (Say that five times fast.)
  • Adjusted the achievement to acquire the following emotes: “Theatrical Techniques: Drink,” and “Theatrical Techniques: Drunk.”
  • Added new achievements related to the Rank 14 Daeier and Evernight Necklaces.
  • Added new “Ultimate Gear” achievements pertaining to a player’s Gear Score.
  • Adjusted the level that unlocks new skillsets (Level 7 and Level 15) and the related achievements.
  • New achievements related to the protection of Friendly Bosses are available.
  • Skillsets for newly created characters now unlock at Level 7 and Level 15.
  • Characters now gain 2 Skill Points every 2 levels, totaling 28 skill points.
  • Core statistics have been adjusted as follows (taken from a level 55 character):
  • Strength per point –0.2 DPS, 0.020% Parry (up from 0.006%), no longer provides shield block, 0.013% Melee Accuracy (up from 0.012%), 0.027% Melee Critical Rate (up from 0).
  • Agility per point — 0.2 DPS, 0.01% Evasion, 0.013% Ranged Accuracy (up from 0.012%), no longer provides Melee Critical Rate, 0.027% Ranged Accuracy (up from 0.013%).
  • Stamina per point — No longer provides parry, 0.016% Shield Block (up from 0), 12 health, no longer provides Ranged Critical Rate, 0.2 Health Regen (up from 0).
  • Intelligence per point — 0.2 DPS, 0.01% Evasion, 12 Mana, 0.013% Magic Accuracy (up from 0.012%), 0.03% Magic Critical Rate.
  • Spirit per point — 0.2 DPS, 0.020% Parry (up from 0), 1 Magic Defense, no longer provides Melee Accuracy, no longer provides Ranged Accuracy, 0.013% Magic Accuracy (up from 0.012%), 0.03% Critical Heal Rate, no longer provides Health Regen, 0.2 Mana Regen.
  • First attack accuracy has been reduced from 90% to 85%.
  • You can now save your custom statistics with a Saving Pendant (formerly a Skillsaver Pendant.) Changing classes will also change your stats, allowing you to save different builds.
  • A Migration Scale is now required to reset migrated stats.
  • Customized stats are not applied when a player is in Balanced Arena or in a Transformed state.
  • Hovering the mouse on the item slot on the Stat Migration UI displays the item guide.
  • The message that pops up from stat migration failure has been improved.
  • The Level Gap Damage Adjustement system is no longer applied during War time.
  • Characters can no longer be deleted if they are a member of a player nation.
  • Mana regen interval has been adjusted to 2 seconds.
  • Added an armor swap cooldown of 1 second to prevent rapid changing of armor.
  • Further reduced the damage dealt from higher level characters onto lower level characters in conflict zones on Nuia and Haranya.
  • Reduced aggro generated by Healing from 0.6 to 0.3.
  • Increased the max level Stealth Detection range from 5m to 6.5m.
  • Each effect (Miss, Evasion, Shield Block, Parry, Critical Hit, Normal Hit) is calculated by their specific rate separately.
  • Adjusted the Shield Block effect: Reduces damage by 60% and players can receive the debuff (down from 100% and immunity to debuff).
  • Adjusted Parry: Reduces damage by 40% and receives debuffs.
  • The Drop Trade Pack skill now can drop all various trade pack style items.
  • Juror names are now hidden during a trial. A juror cannot be targeted or right-clicked. Juror names will be protected on Say and Trial chat to allow communication. Characters on a Jury will be barred from all chats except Say and Trial chat for the duration of the trial.
  • Receiving a payment via mail no longer consumes labor for Commerce.
  • You may now search by Ancestral Level in the Auction House.
  • Players can now double-click to purchase an item in the Auction House.
  • The Auction House has new icons that explain Listing Fee and Trade fee. There is also helpful text explaining what can reduce the Trade Fee.
  • The loading screen has been updated with sweet new Legends Return art.
  • Infamy gain has been increased. Larceny now grants 5 Infamy (up from 1), Assault grants 5 Infamy (up from 1), and Murder grants 50 Infamy (up from 10.)
  • Improved the cannon camera view for players.
  • The loading screen tips have been updated.
  • The option “Double-Tap Jump to Deploy Glider” is on by default. Because, let’s face it, everyone turned it on.
  • A character with an active Crafting Request or listed request cannot transfer from the server.
  • Taking a Guild Flare while using an emote will now stop the emote.
  • Added 3 new male hairstyles and 3 new female hairstyles.
  • Added 5 new facial beardstyles for male Dwarves.
  • Improved the tooltips for content where specific Titles are required.
  • Updated the Daily Schedule to reflect the new content.

World, Quests, Dungeons

  • The conflict time in all zones (except Karkasse Ridgelands, Oceans, Mistmerrow, Diamond Shores, Ynystere, and Cinderstone Moor) is now 10 minutes.
  • The Hasla Rift event at the Abandoned Drill Camp has been retired. The related NPCs and workbenches have been removed.
  • A new type of treasure known as a “Mysterious Crate” has been added to all Auroria zones except Diamond Shores and Mistmerrow. This crate has a rare chance of dropping a relic which can be sold to Relic Merchants for a fine price.
  • Added Giant Treasure Mimics near some territories. They’ve come to eat your sweet meats.
  • Guards have been added to Freedom Plaza in Austera.
  • Daruda the Watcher and Zaldrane the Enchantress got bored seeing the same scenery before their inevitable deaths, so they went on a permanent vacation. Daruda can now be found in Halcyona, while Zaldrane can be found in Sanddeep.
  • Two new challengers have approached: Tanis the Despiler in Karkasse Ridgelands and Blightshade in Rookborne Basin.
  • Killing a world boss now triggers a Shadow Invasion in the area of their spawn, as noted above.
  • An informative popup has been added explaining item rolling rules when a player takes a portal in the Ayanad Library.
  • Adjusted the skill “Merciless Manipulator” used by Generals Belisar and Arshir.
  • Red Dragon and Kraken will now only spawn for a maximum of 2 hours before they tire of you weak mortals.
  • Red Dragon and Kraken will no longer die to Siege Damage. Your weapons are pathetic.
  • Red Dragon and Kraken will now offer a different “Overpowering Aura” buff if they spawn friendly to a specific faction. They’ll tolerate your presence… for now.
  • Adjusted the flight pattern of the Red Dragon.
  • The cannons by Morpheus grant the same honor points when they are killed, and they are slightly stronger than before.
  • Thunderwing Titan’s damage value, damage type, and attack patterns have been adjusted.
  • The Chill Titan’s Wings and Burning Titan’s Wings have been removed. The new Fierce Titan’s Wings can be acquired the same way as before, and now offer 4 attack options: Melee, Ranged, Magic, and Healing. Each mode offers special skills, including one strong skill.
  • The Thunderwing Titan can now drop a Thunderwing Titan’s Jawbone upon defeat. (Thunderwing, bro, u mad?)
  • Use the Thunderwing Titan’s Jawbone when summoning the Titan to spawn a Furious Thunderwing Titan, the new hard mode for the boss. (He mad.)
  • The Furious Thunderwing Titan can drop a Strong Thunderwing Titan’s Jawbone, used to craft a new set of wings known as the Furious Titan’s Wings.
  • Adjusted the difficulty of the Forgotten Dream Ring and Ayanad Earring quests. The new lines are easier but offer 30-day timed versions of the items. Players who were previously on the Dream Ring or Ayanad Earring quest lines may continue the old quest without interruption to earn a permanent version of the item. To renew the 30-day version of the item, an easier version of the final quest in the line needs to be repeated.
  • The quest “Path of Glory” is now unlocked at level 50. It requires a player to defeat Croakfiend, Daruda, Goretusk, and Yaksa Leader.
  • Fixed an issue that caused the quest “A Cordial Invitation” to be difficult to re-accept.
  • Adjusted the requirements to complete “Souleye,” so players could complete the quest regardless of Ocleera Rift spawn time.
  • Adjusted the requirement to unlock the 5th Daily Quest from Level 50 to Level 55.
  • Added new quests to guide players on how to construct Faction Statues. They are available from the Faction Representatives in the base.
  • A new “abandon quest” button has been added to the UI.
  • The “Assault on Mistmerrow” quest now grants a Kadum’s Bark as a reward. The previous reward, “Crimson Watch Research Box,” is no longer provided.
  • Adjusted the reward of the quest “Risk and Reward.” Now instead of providing a full-kit design, it will provide a normal design & construction materials.
  • The new world bosses have been added as requirements to complete “Guardian of Nuia” and “Guardian of Haranya.”
  • A new quest has been added to kill the Furious Thunderwing Titan.
  • When a world boss spawns as friendly to a faction, that faction can now begin a Boss Protection quest. The reward is provided when the boss safely despawns without dying.
  • Two new Path of Glory quests have been added. “Defeat Tanis the Despoiler” and “Defeat Blightshade” can be auto-accepted when players participate in killing these bosses during war periods.
  • Adjusted the total Honor Point gain of raid/party members when killing the world bosses listed on the Path of Glory quest.
  • Adjusted the way the faction statue is built. To complete the statue, it now requires an offering. Players must offer cargo to the statue to receive a faction token and honor points. Players will no longer use Worship Tokens on the statues.
  • Faction statues now expire after 2 weeks.
  • New Militia quests are now available from the Community Center Managers in Hellswamp, Sanddeep, Halcyona, Karkasse, Windscour, Perinoor, Rookborne, and Hasla.
  • Adjusted the respawn timer of Salphira Pottery, which is required for the quest “A City at Risk.”
  • Updated the completion conditions on the 46 – 50 Story Quests related to the Sea of Drowned Love.
  • Adjusted the dispute level condition in Ynystere and Cinderstone Moor.
  • Crimson Omens 1-3 have been collapsed into one quest.
  • Sprouting Ocleera’s Mark 1-3 have been collapsed into one quest.
  • Pre-accepted Crimson Rift and Ocleera Rift quests will be removed after the update.
  • The Souleye item can only be acquired while the quest “Souleye” is active. The drop rate of the item from Aust Followers in Diamond Shores has been adjusted.
  • Daily Quests have been adjusted to account for the changes to Crimson Omens and Ocleera’s Mark.
  • “The Cursed Towers” quest is now a daily quest instead of a repeated quest.

Arena, Events, World PvP

  • The Soldier Rank, Knight Rank, Grand Master, and General titles have been removed from the honor shop. To get these titles, you will now need to earn Kyrios Coins from the Arena.
  • Pirates are no longer sent to trial when they die due to PvP in Karkasse Ridgelands. (This applies the buff “Contemptuous.”)
  • All Arenas now feature Cross-Server matchmaking. This excludes the Fresh Start servers, as they will run on their own matchmaking server for balance reasons.
  • Updated the per server rewards for Arena Ranking. Cross-server rewards are the same, and Kyrios Badges are now granted based on your ranking.
  • Per server rewards for the Gladiator and Free-For-All Arena are no longer distributed. This change applies to April rankings. Cross-server Rewards remain the same.
  • Players may now enter arenas as many times per day as they wish, even after using their daily entries. However, matches after the Daily Entry limit will no longer distribute rewards unless a Bruiser’s Badge is used. The more entries that are done per day, the more Bruiser’s Badges they will cost. Daily Entries and Daily Entry Refill Counts are reset each day at server reset.
  • Bloodsalt Bay — Players can no longer interact with enemy cannons or sails.
  • Bloodsalt Bay — Steelheart Warship’s Harpoon Launcher is now Epic grade.
  • The Free-For-All Arena’s result board now lists player by score.
  • Dungeon gear can now be salvaged.
  • Buffs and Debuffs are now all reset when a new round in the Arena starts.
  • The Arena Away tag will now appear in 150 seconds.
  • Removed Charcoal Stabilizers as a reward from the quests, “Initiate Shutdown” and “Ruin the Ritual.”
  • The quests, “More Than Just a Stone,” and “Hereafter Stones,” now ask the player to “collect 1 Bound Hereafter Stone.”
  • Siege defenders cannot accept any extra participants due to guild cap changes.
  • A new Mistmerrow battle time has been added. Times are:
    • EU: 06:00 / 10:00 / 15:00 / 20:00 UTC
    • NA: 4:00 AM / 8:00 AM / 1:00 PM / 6:00 PM PDT
  • Mistmerrow in Fresh Start has a new queue system. Nuia / Haranya / Pirates / Player Factions can have up to 150 people each on their side. If a faction hits max, other players will enter a queue. Players will enter Mistmerrow from the queue as other players exit.
  • Guild Summons in Mistmerrow on Fresh Start will be disabled.
  • When conflict starts in Mistmerrow, the system will randomly select players to be removed from the war if a faction exceeds the cap.
  • Moving to Character Select or closing the game will remove a player from Mistmerrow.


  • Other players can use a Farmer’s Workstation if the property owner opens it for use to a target group.
  • We’ve made it easier to use and re-collect items placed on a rug.
  • Streetlamps and streetlights can be set to always on. Let the night shine bright again!
  • Added additional information to furniture tooltips that offer the “Clear Mind” buff.
  • Added 12 new furniture items — 6 Dwarven furniture items and 6 Warborn furniture items. Samples are available for view on Mirage Isle.
  • Frame furniture items from festivals or events can now only be placed on walls.

Items & Crafting

  • Crafting materials, plants, and potions now stack up to 1000.
  • Crafting Request task boards have been added to each Community Center, as well as the new button available in the folio.
  • Added equip effects on the Erenor Shield. Physical Defense is added in each grade of power and is not added by item synthesis.
  • Tier 3 Lunagems (Glorious Lunagems) can now be crafted using Tier 2 gems and other materials.
  • Added new Lunagems dropped by strong raid monsters: Everglow Lunagems.
  • Added 4 new Waveglow Lunagems and 2 new Galeglow Lunagems.
  • Waveglow Lunagem: Physical Defense and Waveglow Lunagem: Magic Defense can now be socketed on any equipment except a Two-Handed Weapon.
  • Some Lunagem names have been adjusted.
  • Adjusted the Sunglow Lunagem names to mention the related skill, e.g. Sunglow Lunagem: Battlerage is now Sunglow Lunagem: Triple Slash.
  • Bosses in Crimson Rift and Grimgast Rift now drop new items that can be used in crafting Cinderstone Moor and Ynystere tradepacks. How thoughtful.
  • Vryava now drops new items that can be used in crafting Heedmar, Marcala, Calmlands, and Nuimari trade packs. How convenient.
  • The ore and stone amounts dropped by the Mining Drill, Miner’s Farmhouse, and Sharpwind Mining Drill have been adjusted. These items will now drop stone at a generally higher rate and ore at a generally lower rate. Mining Drill now also drops Raw Stone and Iron Ore at the same time, while the Miner’s Farmhouse will drop various amounts of Raw Stone and Iron Ore depending on its stage.
  • All Lunagems must now be resealed before they can be sold on the Auction House, except for the Evenglow Lunagems.
  • All Superior Lunarite items have been set to the Grand grade.
  • The Ultimate Glider has received the somersault ability.
  • Rank 7 Health & Mana drinks and food now restore a percentage of Max Health and Mana instead of a flat value.
  • Adjusted the cast time on food and drink.
    • Cast time has been adjusted from 1.5 seconds to 3 seconds.
    • Cooldown has been adjusted from 3 seconds to 10 seconds
    • Combat no longer cancels the regeneration process.
  • Bound crafting materials can now stack up to 1000.
  • The icon on Livestock Supplements has been changed.
  • Spellshift Orbs have been adjusted:
    • Labor cost has been reduced from 1000 to 500.
    • Orbs can no longer be crafted; instead, they are purchased from the General Merchant for 120 gold.
    • Obsidian gear tooltips have been changed to reflect the crafting changes. Obsidian crafting now requires Spellshift Orbs.
  • The following materials have been retired from the game:
    • Sunset Pearl
    • Yellow Coral
    • Orange Coral
    • Orange Plate Coral Polyp
    • Yellow Plate Coral Polyp
  • Apprentice gear has been removed from General Merchants. These merchants now sell Illustrious gear for 50 gold a piece.
  • All Illustrious gear now binds on pickup and cannot be listed on the Auction House.
  • Cloaked Illustrious gear items can now rarely be dropped from monsters in Auroria.
  • Apprentice and Artificer equipment has been retired. Apprentice equipment can be sold to NPC merchants, and Artificer equipment can be upgraded to Illustrious at the Mirage Isle Salvage Forge.
  • Improved the statistical strength of Illustrious and Magnificent gear.
  • Updated the crafting grade requirements on Coaked Illustrious Equipment and Cloaked Magnificent Equipment tooltips.
  • Improved the statistical strength of weapons acquired from Conflict Zone quest rewards.
  • Revenant Soulstone’s shop price has been changed from 3 silver to 50 copper.
  • Removed recipes that required Faded Tokens, Arctic Earthstones, and Faded Hasla Fragments. These items can be sold at merchants or used in crafting at the Mirage Isle Salvage Forge.
  • Improved the visual effects on Erenor Weapons.
  • Changed some Metallic Crate names. Lost Metallic Crate is now a Copper Crate, while Metallic Auroran Crate is now a Silver Crate.
  • Adjusted the drops that come from Copper and Silver Crates
    • Slightly decreased the amount of gold dropped.
    • Dramatically increased the amount of Fine Lunarite dropped.
    • Crates drop Fine Fireglow Lunarite much more often.
    • Increased the amount a critical success offers.
    • Adjusted the item rate provided by a critical success.
  • Added a new crate, the Gold Crate. These can be acquired during Shadow Invasion events and require a crafted Gold Key to open.
  • Added new text lines to the items that grant Honor Points/Vocation Points to clarify that they are unaffected by boosts or events.
  • The Evernight and Daeier Necklaces can now be crafted to Rank 14, the Eternal grade.
  • Erenor cloaks can now be upgraded to the Eternal Grade through the existing synthesis method.
  • When unsealing a synthesis cloak, you can choose the type it unseals as (Windsong, Flaming Windsong, Twintail, Arrowflash, etc.). After it is unsealed, the stats on the cloaks can be changed by using rerolls or upgrading the cloak via normal means.
  • The tooltip for Kadum’s Bark has been adjusted.
  • The EXP amount that crafted equipment and Obsidian equipment grants to an Erenor item has been adjusted as follows:

Obsidian Items

  • Basic — T3: 230, T4: 313, T5: 498, T6: 773.
  • Grand — T3: 253, T4: 344, T5:548 , T6: 850.
  • Rare — T3: 276, T4: 376, T5: 598, T6: 928.
  • Arcane — T3: 299, T4: 407, T5: 647, T6: 1005.
  • Heroic — T3: 322, T4: 438, T5: 697, T6: 1082.
  • Unique — T3: 345, T4: 470, T5: 747, T6: 1160.
  • Celestial — T3: 368, T4: 501, T5: 797, T6: 1237.
  • Divine — T3: 391, T4: 532, T5: 847, T6: 1314.
  • Epic — T3: 414, T4: 563, T5: 896, T6: 1391.
  • Legendary — T3: 437, T4: 595, T5: 946, T6: 1469.
  • Mythic — T3: 460, T4: 626, T5: 996, T6: 1546.
  • Eternal — T3: 483, T4: 657, T5: 1046, T6: 1623.

Crafted Items

  • Basic — Apprentice: 35, Illustrious: 48, Magnificent: 168, Epherium: 323, Delphinad: 920.
  • Grand — Apprentice: 39, Illustrious: 53, Magnificent: 185, Epherium: 355, Delphinad: 1012.
  • Rare — Apprentice: 42, Illustrious: 58, Magnificent: 202, Epherium: 388, Delphinad: 1104.
  • Arcane — Apprentice: 46, Illustrious: 62, Magnificent: 218, Epherium: 420, Delphinad: 1196.
  • Heroic — Apprentice: 49, Illustrious: 67, Magnificent: 235, Epherium: 452, Delphinad: 1288.
  • Unique — Apprentice: 53, Illustrious: 72, Magnificent: 252, Epherium: 485, Delphinad: 1380.
  • Celestial — Apprentice: 56, Illustrious: 77, Magnificent: 269, Epherium: 517, Delphinad: 1472.
  • Divine — Apprentice: 60, Illustrious: 82, Magnificent: 286, Epherium: 549, Delphinad: 1564.
  • Epic — Apprentice: 63, Illustrious: 86, Magnificent: 302, Epherium: 581, Delphinad: 1656.
  • Legendary — Apprentice: 67, Illustrious: 91, Magnificent: 319, Epherium: 614, Delphinad: 1748.
  • Mythic — Apprentice: 70, Illustrious: 96, Magnificent: 336, Epherium: 646, Delphinad: 1840.
  • Eternal — Apprentice: 74, Illustrious: 101, Magnificent: 353, Epherium: 678, Delphinad: 1932.
  • Cloaked Brimstone Obsidian items can now be recloaked using a Transmuter.
  • Bloodsky Essence has been retired can now be sold at NPC merchants for 4 gold 30 silver a piece.
  • Possessed Topaz and Bone Chips drops have been moved to monsters in Exeloch.
  • Red Dragon Spinal Ridges are no longer dropped from the Red Dragon.
  • Kraken Ink Sacs are no longer dropped from the Kraken.
  • Equip effects are now maintained if an earring or ring is switched to another slot.
  • Reduced the amount of T2 gem crafting materials. Charcoal has been reduced from 50 to 40, Anya Ingot has been reduced from 10 to 8.
  • The recommended level to craft Erenor level gear has been set to Ancestral 1.
  • Updated recipes that require discontinued items:
    • Grand Twin Griffin Frame now requires 3 White Coral instead of Yellow Coral.
    • Grand Dragon Frame now requires 3 White Coral instead of Orange Coral.
    • Superior Wrathsmite Axe and Wrathsmite Axe no longer requires Sunset Pearls.
  • Adjusted the recipe for the Golden Die and removed the Heroic Die from the crafting material list.
  • Added recipes to upgrade Apprentice equipment to Illustrious Equipment in the Mirage Salvage Forge.
  • Adjusted the grade required for crafted equipment to be upcrafted:
    • Illustrious: No longer requires a grade.
    • Magnificent: Reduced from Arcane to Basic as a requirement.
    • Epherium: Reduced from Heroic to Grand as a requirement.
    • Delphinad: Kept at Unique.
    • Ayanad: Kept at Celestial.
    • Erenor: Kept at Divine.
  • Adjusted the grade a completed upcrafting piece starts at:
    • Illustrious starts at Basic.
    • Magnificent starts at Grand.
    • Epherium starts at Rare.
    • Delphinad starts at Arcane.
    • Ayanad starts at Heroic.
    • Erenor starts at Arcane.
  • Adjusted the crafting materials required by Magnificent, Epherium, and Delphinad Equipment. Overall, the amount of Archeum, Pigments, and processed items that required Pigments has been reduced.
  • The Equipment Designer’s Workbench now provides Epherium and higher equipment tier recipes.
  • Crafting at the Equipment Designer’s Workbench has a chance to create higher grade equipment, except Erenor Equipment.
  • T1, T2, and T4 Obsidian can now longer be crafted. Old recipes can be found at the Mirage Salvage Forge.
  • Added a patch note that maybe someone will read and smile at while pouring over crafting recipes. Hope you’re having a good day!
  • Cloaked Magnificent equipment is now a required material for Cursed Obsidian equipment. The grade of the cloaked Magnificent item does not change the created item’s grade.
  • Cursed Obsidian equipment now requires Mercury Solution instead of Possessed Topaz. Old verisons of crafting recipes can be found at the Mirage Isle salvage forge.
  • Cloaked Spellbound Obsidian required a Cursed Obsidian item as a material.
  • Added recipes to craft Cloaked Illustrious Equipment. These can be crafted at the Soulforged Equipment Workbench in Diamond Shores for 500 Revenant Soulstones.
  • Added the crafting recipe for the Eternal Flame Scroll used in Dragon Summoning. Can be crafted at a Regal Printing press with the Printing Proficiency.
  • Added recipes for Magic Amplifiers for Dragon Summoning. Can be crafted at a Carpentry or Regal Carpentry Workbench with the Machining proficiency.
  • Adjusted the recipes for Copper and Silver Keys.
  • Added a crafting recipe for Gold Keys, which can be crafted at Handicraft or Regal Handicraft Kilns/Desks.
  • Adjusted the required amount of items in Frozen Anguish and BUrnin Pledge. Frozen Anguish now requires 20 Bitter Teardrops (down from 55) and Burning Pledge now requires 20 Fierce Vow’s Blood (down from 55).
  • Added new specialties that require monster drop items from Auroria Monsters, Crimson Rift, and Shadow Invasions.
  • Added Specialty Workbenches in Aegis Island and Reedwind.
  • Cargo with no stock will now still display its price.
  • Removed crafted location info from Cargo Tooltips.
  • Added a sound effect that will sound when synthesis bonus exp is triggered.
  • Added a warning message that using equipment with Lunagems socketed as a crafting material will cause the socketed gems to be lost.
  • Changed the formatting of the Regrade UI to better define what grade players will receive on a success or failure.
  • Increased overall equipment regrade rates, as noted in this article.
  • Slightly reduced the cost of regrading at all levels.
  • Increased the regrade labor cost from 10 Labor to 50 Labor.
  • Vocation Badge boosts now affect all Fishing activities.
  • Added text to the Family Sport Fishing tooltips that these fish cannot be made into trophies.
  • Bows that previously had a chance to Poison the target now have a chance to Penetrate Defense.
  • Adjusted some item skill effects, and their item names now reflect skill names.
  • Dungeon gear can now be salvaged.
  • Adjusted the materials on the following glider parts: Thunderstorm Bomb Bay, Godshield Generator, Moonlight Stealth Device, Red Dragon Igniter. Mercury Solution has been replaced by Superior Lunarite.
  • Adjusted the shop price of Seed Bundles of Pen items.

Pets & Mounts

  • All pets and mounts can now be used at level 1. Fly free!
  • Adjusted the swim speed of mounts. Donkeys and horses now swim at 3 m/s, while all other mounts swim at 1.9 m/s.

Vehicles & Ships

  • Adjusted the way Ship Collision Attack is displayed on item tooltips.
  • Cars and Steambikes now have a new skill called “Upright Vehicle.” Use in the case of mad stunt skillz gone wrong.
  • If a Rampage series vehicle lands on the same side twice in a row using “Might of the Boar,” the third use will always flip to the opposite side.
  • Increased the accuracy of Collision Area decision-making formulas.
  • The Harpoon Launcher can now be regraded.
  • The Mad Steambike and Maxxed Steambike can now be rented from the Rank 3 Vehicle Community Center in Aubre Cradle, Airain Rock, Arcum Iris, and Tigerspine Mountains.

Guilds, Friends, Heroes, Social Systems

  • Faction chat has been retired. Good bye, sweet knight. *pours one out* See you all in Nation chat.
  • The Sovereign’s Wyvern is now acquired at level 1. It will never fall when receiving damage while airborne. Skills no longer consume Bloodsky Essence. Volcanic Breath now functions the same as a Dragon mount — It can hold up to 3 charges, a charge takes 8 hours to build, skill cooldown is 30 seconds.
  • Non-Raid General players can now set the raid’s auto-invite.
  • Adjusted the way time is displayed on the Raid Recruitment/Search UI.
  • Raid Recruitment UI now has a selection for Furious Thunderwing Titan.
  • Guild leaders who have won a siege scroll bid can no longer do the following: Delegate the Guild Leader position, disband the guild, request Guild Immigration, become a pirate. (Pirates can still not bid on siege scrolls, to be clear.)
  • The guild membership cap has been adjusted and lowered as follows. If a guild is over the cap, all members remain in the guild but new members cannot be added until the guild membership falls under the cap.
    • Level 1 — 30 Members
    • Level 2 — 35 Members
    • Level 3 — 40 Members
    • Level 4 — 45 Members
    • Level 5, 6, 7, and 8 — 50 Members
  • Due to Guild Cap changes, the minimum number of guild members required to bid on a siege scroll is 40.
  • Player Nation rejoin cooldown has been adjusted from 3 days to 10 days. After leaving the nation, days are counted from the last day a player joined the nation. This rule applies to players who left a nation before the Legends Return update.
  • Based on the number of owned territories, a player nation’s max guild numbers are limited as follows:
  • 0-1 Castles — Up to 2 guilds
  • 2 Castles — Up to 3 guilds
  • 3+ Castles — Up to 4 guilds
  • No change has been made to the maximum of nation members.
  • When a character is away, only character name and faction are displayed.

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