ArcheAge Version 2.0, Build 7.1 Patch Notes — Hallowtide

ArcheAge Version 2.0, Build 7.1 Patch Notes — Hallowtide

Known Issues

  • There is an issue with the candy-throwing Hallowtide Arena quests in Two Crowns where the quest goals do not properly appear. For both quests, the quest tracker should state — Complete One: Fill a jack o’ lantern first to earn a Treasure Chest. Fill a jack o’ lantern second to earn a Shabby Treasure Chest.
  • The Larceny quests related to the uncommon Library Bags cannot currently be completed, as those items have been removed from the game. XL is aware of this issue and will be correcting those in a future update.

Hallowtide Approaches — October 20 to November 3
“The leaves shall fall as the wind turns cold, yet here is another adventurer so bold. So cool and calm as they patrol the night, but as Hallowtide comes, you’re in for a fright! The dead shall walk and the souls need tended, for we’ll need your help to keep Erenor defended.”

From Tuesday, October 20th to November 3rd, the citizens of Two Crowns and the Solis Headlands will celebrate the coming of Hallowtide! Look for more information on this event in a new article coming later this week!

Daily Login Rewards are now available!
“Sometimes it’s not about overwhelming power. Sometimes it’s just about perseverance.”

Logging in ArcheAge each day now comes with a few more perks above loyalty tokens! Log in and check the event calendar in the bottom right hand corner to claim a new prize each day by clicking the “Login Tracker” button. The days logged in are cumulative, so if you miss a day during the month it won’t break your streak. This month’s prizes are candies!

At 6, 12, and 18 days logged in cumulatively in a month, you will also receive Merit Badges. Don’t forget to log in and click that button once per day!

Library item drops have been fixed
What do you mean they ran out of bags? It’s the Ayanad Library! The scholars have to store their research SOMEWHERE!

Adventurers, we apologize, but Update 2.0 introduced a bug that caused newly redesigned Library drops to fail to appear in the Library. This bug has been addressed, and here’s what you can now expect from your Library Expeditions:

  • The Library Bags (uncommon/green) have been removed. They have been replaced by Research Crates.
  • Archeum Motes and Dusts will no longer drop from Library Safes.

Research Material Crates now drop from Library Coinpurses. They include the following:

  • Librarian’s Research Materials Crate: Drops Ayanad Costume Scraps, Archeum, Regrade Stones, Lunagem Materials, and other materials that previously dropped from bags. Drops from the first floor.
  • Scholar’s Research Materials Crate: Drops Enchanted Skeins, Archeum, Regrade Stones, Lunagem Materials, and other materials that previously dropped from bags. Drops from the second floor.
  • Dean’s Research Materials Crate: Drops Disciple’s Tears, Archeum, Regrade Stones, Lunagem Materials, and other materials that previously dropped from bags. Drops from the third floor.

General Changes

  • The skills Triple Slash, Rapid Strikes, Mana Stars, and Endless Arrows have been set to their Korean equivalents in skill functionality. Tap the key once to issue a single strike from the combination. Hold down the key to rapidly perform strikes. You are no longer committed to the full combo of shots after pressing the key once.
  • Hasla Tier 2 and Tier 3 gear have been re-enabled across all servers.
  • Lavaspark is now able to wear battle pet armor.
  • Hero’s Dignity now only counts down when the user is online.
  • Fixed tooltips on the Hound of Kyrios Statue and Anthalon Statue.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause the opening video to be unskippable.
  • You can no longer harpoon a harpoon to create Harpoonception. (RIP flying ships.)
  • Harpoonception will be the name of our next indie ArcheAge soundtrack cover band.


  • The Yuletide Hauler has been fixed and can be driven once more! Go deliver all of those trade packs to the good boys and girls of Erenor!
  • Fixed an incorrect category listing on the Auction House for the Glowing Sealed Delphinad Necklace and the Glowing Sealed Delphinad Earring.
  • The Gilt Blackwood Coffins now restore 150 labor when slept in (up from 80.)
  • The Feathered Glider is now included in the glider upgrade process.
  • Fixed item skill errors on the Enhanced Corrupt Ally’s Wings: Gliding and Enhanced Corrupt Ally’s Wings: Turning models.
  • The materials required to craft Archeum Supply Packs (Faint, Clear, Lucid, Pioneer’s, and Pirate’s) have been drastically reduced. Archeum Dusts are now the main component.


  • Fixed an issue that could cause “Burden of Proof” to become stuck.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause “Portal Trouble” unable to be attained.

Recurring Events

  • Battle for the Golden Plains — After building a stronghold, the area is now protected for 5 minutes.
  • Crimson Rift — Fixed an issue where you couldn’t receive Crimson Altar Energy from the Crimson Rift.


  • Fixed the Book Collector achievement from being unattainable.