ArcheAge Version 2.9B Patch Notes — Anniversary Update

ArcheAge Version 2.9B Patch Notes — Anniversary Update

New Content Additions

The northern Auroria zones of Exeloch and Sungold Fields now support player castles. These zones are available for claim by any guild capable of delivering the Purifying Archeum to the lodestone. Standard Auroria claim rules are in affect and the Purifying Archeum must be crafted at the Diamond Shores faction base on Sundays.

  • Player castles located in these zones benefit from increased size. They support a combined 150 walls and towers; two gatehouses; and have a larger footprint.
  • Exeloch and Sungold Fields castles are subject to normal siege rules, lordly taxes, and support player housing after the castle has been claimed. The Lord of Exeloch can wear the Terradark Guardian costume and the Lord of Sungold Fields can wear the Sunflower Guardian costume.

NOTE: At the release of the September Update all existing Purifying Archeum Packs have been deconstructed and their materials have been sent to their current owner. This include packs on the backs of logged out characters camped near a potentially unclaimed archeum lodestone; those placed in storage silos or other containers, on the ground, or hidden somewhere special. The workbench will spawn again next Sunday and the claiming process will proceed as intended from that point onward.

The Statistic Migration system has been added. Use basic talismans available at the General Merchant and advanced talismans forged with honor medals and materials from Evenbards to migrate your character’s base stats. The RNG element has been removed from this system and players are able to choose which stats decrease and increase.

  • The number of talismans consumed by each stat migration increases based on how many times per day a stat is migrated. The amount of talismans required resets daily at 00:00 UTC.
  • The maximum number of stats available to be migrated starts at 200 and can be increased to 300 through use of migration scales. Stat changes can be reset with the use of a migration scalpel.
  • For more information check out our spotlight article here!…eapons-ablaze/

The Free-For-All Arena is now accepting all challengers! Players can queue to join the battle through an arena master, or from the convenience menu with patron benefits.

  • The arena supports 8 players at a time and pits them against each other in ruthless combat. For more information, check out our spotlight article here!…-free-for-all/
  • We’ve received feedback about the viability for pure healers to effectively participate in the FFA Arena. Much like our current 1v1 arenas, healers who wish to participate will most likely need to swap to a hybrid/DPS spec. The FFA arena was originally released with the 3.0 update in Korea. Some of the changes present in the upcoming 3.0 version include damaging abilities from the Vitalism tree scaling with respect to Healing Power instead of Magic Damage. While it’s too early to consider those changes for our version it was a factor within the original design of the FFA Arena.

Spellbound Undergarments have been added and are craftable at the Proven Warrior workbench. Yes, I just said both of those things. The recipe is visible on the folio. While these undergarments can’t be regraded and don’t come with any inherent stats, they’re totally accepting of being lunafrosted. Spend 15,000 honor at the honor shop to gain a +15 specific stat bonus to your undies.

The teleport book has been revamped! Existing locations can now be sorted by category and even favorited for super quick locating. A search feature has been added, and previous UI functions have been retained.

Dice rolls for loot can now be automatically rolled on or automatically passed thanks to enhancements to the rolling system.

Weapons of Celestial through Mythic grades now display an additional visual effect to represent their power. We wrote a spotlight article about it and it’s located here!…eapons-ablaze/

Upcoming Events
“These events are pretty rad. You can even get a ridable seabug. Much better than pretending to ride a world spawn seab… nevermind.” -Khro

  • Masked Daru Weapons as well as temporary Heroic and Epic grade Delphinad weapons will become available for claim on the marketplace with the next marketplace update. They last for 30 minutes and can be claimed 3 times per day starting on 9/28 and ending on 10/4 (UTC).
  • All Auction House commissions will be reduced to 1 gold from the release of the September update until maintenance on 9/20 (UTC).
  • The Spelling Bee event will become available at the release of the September update until 9/21 (UTC). During this event players can kill creatures in Sungold Fields and Exeloch to receive letters. Spell the words ARCHEAGE and THUNDERSTRUCK to receive prizes! See PTS note below.
  • Get Stuffed in Diamond Shores with our new fall-themed long-duration event. From the release of the September Update until 11/16 (UTC) players can visit the Turkey Pen in Diamond Shores to do limited time quests and participate in the festivities.
    NOTE: Part of the quest requires the combining of 10 Nest Twigs and the consumption of the resulting quest activator. When the quest becomes active the result will be a TRADEPACK on your BACK. It needs to be delivered to Diamond Shores within 15 minutes. Be cautious of where you activate the quest or run like hell, one of the two. Abandoning and reactivating the quest also works.
    NOTE2: The text for the Get Stuffed turkey event in Diamond Shores suggests that there might be other turkey pens in other cities but in effort to allow mostly equal access to the location it’s really only available in Diamond Shores.
  • 10 new Anniversary-related achievements have been added to the “Events” section of the Achievement Window. These are limited time rewards. Don’t miss out on getting your very own Drumstick!
  • Over the course of the Anniversary celebrations, players can earn up to five 2nd Anniversary Coins. These coins can be redeemed in Mirage Isle and are more valuable in higher quantities. Packages containing the fabled Tamed Seabug Mount can be obtained for 3-5 coins.
  • The Free-For-All Arena special event has been added and will become available for participation starting on 9/28 and ending on 10/4 (UTC).

General Gameplay Changes and Bug Fixes

  • The drop rate of Mysterious Garden Powder from coin purses has been doubled.
  • The Tailfin and Reinforced Tailfin for submarines have received an ever so slight speed increase. 5% -> 10% and 10% -> 20% respectively.
  • The ability to declare Dominion in Mirage Isle is suspended. This system was released quickly and has some critical bugs that need to be addressed. The re-release of this feature is targeted for October 2016.
  • The maximum storage amount supported by a player’s warehouse has been increased to 150 slots. Expansion scrolls are required for each increase of 10 slots.
  • Fixed some issues that may have caused some Lunafrosts to improperly display (or not display at all) on shields.
  • Fixed the issue where character models clipped through the netting on the Enoan Galleon(!!).
  • Fixed a bug that allowed view values to be adjusted while in camera mode.
  • Fixed a bug that prevented crafted library costumes from triggering the associated Achievements. This fix may not be retroactive.