ArcheAge Version 3.5 Patch Notes – Erenor Eternal

ArcheAge Version 3.5 Patch Notes – Erenor Eternal

The following release notes contain information about our latest major ArcheAge update: Erenor Eternal!

Go beyond Level 55 with Ancestral Levels and Ancestral Skills
“It was the moment she had waited for. The day when all the mud, the blood, and the pain she endured made sense. In this moment, she realized where her destiny lay.”

Level 55 is no longer the end of your journey! Explore a continuation of the main storyline of ArcheAge as you ascend into Ancestral Levels!

With each new rank comes a new set of deadly choices: Ancestral Skills. Harness the power of the elements into the skills you already possess, and change them into something you’ve never seen before.

To learn more about Ancestral Levels and Skills, visit this website spotlight.

Visit new areas of Auroria: Whaleswell Straits, Whalesong Harbor, and Aegis Island
“The old harbor reeked, but we needed a new foothold in our fight against Anthalon.”

Visit more territory of the Northern Continent as we journey to Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island. Fight against the newest threats posed by Anthalon, and learn more what the Ipnysh heroes struggled to contain in the Abyss so long ago.

To learn more about these new areas, visit this website spotlight.

Old system, new tricks: Trading Update
“Remember when we use to park our boat by the docks, and that guard guy would get so pissed off we could steal from pretty much anyone? What was his name again?”

Trading has undergone a large amount of changes, from trade packs to stabilizers rewards. Learn about how your trade packs work in this website article.

New Crafting, Erenor Crafting & Regrading Mechanics
“And as the power began to flow back into the world, the old ways of things began to give way to the new.”

Erenor gear and the Eternal item grade are now available. Crafting mechanics have been revised along with regrade mechanics. If there’s any piece of the patch notes you need to read over, this is a must read!

Erenor Gear requires Ancestral Level 1 to be worn.

Meet the new laws of conflict
“Hey, before you go on that trade run… I just wanted to say… I love you… and be careful out there…”

Conflict isn’t limited to PvP anymore! Now zones can move through conflict via player kills, NPC monster kills, and through quest completions. Now you’ll see more zones in peace, and more times when you can take advantage of the spoils of war. Golden Ruins has also been moved to a changing conflict cycle.

Halcyona, Whalesong Harbor, and Aegis Island will also only perform their events when they are pushed into war. This means events may happen multiple times per day, and will be started by player actions. Mistmerrow, Diamond Shores, and Karkasse remain on special timers for their conflict settings.

New Events!
New Horizons Await: June 7 – June 20 – Visit Erenor’s newest zones in style! Talk to Adventurer Rogen in Austera, Marianople, or Diamond Shores to get two new quests to explore Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island. Once you have that quest, visit the corresponding zone and retrieve the daily quests from the Crimson Watch Camp. Once those event quests are completed, these special event quests will be completed too and reward you with 1 Daru Warrior’s Chest and 1 Honorable Warrior’s Medal!

Let’s Have a Real Match: June 21 – July 3 – Starting on June 21, visit the Masked Daru in Marianople for two new quests focused on some good, old fashioned Arena brawls. Complete either one for a reward of 5-10 Warrior’s Medals, 2 Bruiser’s Badges, and 300 Honor!

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