Assurance from Khrolan about Recent Events


Trion Worlds saw some departures from the ArcheAge team last week, and we share your sadness. It’s a completely understandable reaction when three strong, public faces won’t be around in the future. I can confidently say that I’ve never worked beside more professional individuals. They will be truly missed and never forgotten.

I realize that some of you have concerns about the state of ArcheAge and that news of any departures only serves to compound them. I would ask you pause for a moment and know that many people at Trion pour their hearts into supporting the game, even though you only see a few of us in public. Other members of the ArcheAge team you might know like Tinen, Socke, BigDataDude, and I are still very much involved and care deeply about the game. Another 60+ people at Trion and the entirety of XLGames remain committed to delivering and improving the game and world you love.

It’s our strong desire to give you a glimpse of the future as soon as possible and I can assure you that even during times of trial we remain focused on the next big milestone. Over the past year, I’ve spent less time in front of you and more time managing the relationships and business aspects that keep ArcheAge running.

Part of that involves face to face meetings with XLGames and one of those is scheduled this week. The team and I will sit down with Jake Song to discuss the current state of the game, upcoming updates like 5.0, and all the content we have planned for 2019.

I’ll have another update for you after those meetings conclude, agreements are reached, and action items are assigned.

The ArcheAge Team at Trion remains committed to you; I remain committed to you.


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