Burn back the darkness at the Shadowguard Festival: August 30 – September 14

Burn back the darkness at the Shadowguard Festival: August 30 – September 14

Light up the night for some unique firework rewards and stacking doll décor for your house!

Starting at 12:01 AM UTC (-7 PDT) on August 30 and going to 11:59 PM UTC on September 14, you can participate in Falcorth Plains’s Shadowguard Festival!

To visit the festival, either take an event world gate at Austera, Marianople, Growlgate, or Diamond Shores to Falcorth Plains, or visit the area by foot. During the event, Falcorth Plains will be in Festival Law, which prevents PvP from taking place (except Guild Dominions.)

Daily Quests for Shadowguard Festival Coins (Level 10+)

  • Make fireworks with Kayman by combining Snow Lion Fur and Gunpowder.
  • Visit Fireworks Merchant Vukoph to craft a firework tradepack.
  • Deliver the firework tradepack by speaking with Fireworks Merchant Vukoph, and then traveling up the cliffs to Zeta.
  • Celebrate in style with Zeta by detonating your newly delivered fireworks!
  • Deliver 100 lumber to Tehasha to aid with the festival.
  • Help Umta lure and capture baby falcons to conserve the species.

Special Events

While the festival is ongoing, a special, new Shadowguard Rift will appear in Falcorth Plains at 11 PM in-game time, each in-game day. Retrieve the special rift quests from the Shadowguard Rift Recruiter in Falcorth to receive both Shadowguard Coins and up to 600 Honor for completing the quests.

If you consider yourself a brave soul, you can also visit Floors 2 and 3 of the Ayanad Library to kill monsters for Spirit Crystals. Visit Tehasha to begin this adventure! Collect 30 of them to receive 300 Honor and 30 Festival Coins.