CM Carendash: Introduction!

Hello, it’s me
I was wondering if after all these years you’d like to meet.

Those are the first words of Adele’s “Hello”. Those are the first words of my introduction.

My name is Carendash and I am the new community manager for Archeage. A game we all love and want it to be the best game we’ve ever played.

But first, some words about me as a person: As i was born and raised in germany that is for sure my native language. But that won’t stop me from answering in english as well. 😉
I preordered Archeage and fell in love with it. Raids, PvP, PvE (I still rage sometimes) You guys all know the good old “Daggerspell and Darkrunner are OP” screams and yes, I have been one of them as well 😀.

ArcheAge has not been the only game I played so far, there have been many others such as everything by Blizzard, Indie Games like Kholat, or adventures and shooters Skyrim, Counter-Strike and so on. This list would not end for a while 😉

Same is for Music and Movies but my both most favored movies of all time are “V for Vendetta” and “Equilibrium”. Favorite Actor: Denzel Washington, Christian Bale.

For me it is important that we all are working on this game, it’s not one sided, I need you to get into action as well as you need us to get into action.

So, here is my first task for you to take action: Post 1 Screenshot, which is the best you’ve ever done, based on ArcheAge! (I need a new and nice background 😉 )

While you are doing that, I am trying to answer as many questions as possible that you’ve got.

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