Community Movies of the Month: June 2016

Community Movies of the Month: June 2016

Adventurers, we want to see your creativity shine! From today until June 23, record your gameplay and share it with the team for a chance at some handsome rewards such as unique Titles and Loyalty Tokens. This special community event will celebrate the creations of our community every month, so keep an eye out!

Theme: New content associated with our Ascension update!

Who is eligible: Anyone playing ArcheAge!

Details: Start brainstorming now! You could edit your video to make a movie, create a guide of a new system, record your guild going to siege, or offer the world a tour of your house filled with new decor items. Make sure to include some of the new content in ArcheAge in your video to qualify. The choice is yours, but we want to see your creative side shine!

Once you complete your community creation video, post them here in the official competition discussion thread. Expect to see our favorites featured on the official ArcheAge Twitter and Facebook pages!

All rewards will be granted on our live Archeage servers, so you’ll be able to show off your unique title and spend those sweet, sweet Loyalty Tokens.

Winners: We’ll select 10 winners and 20 Honorable mentions at minimum. We are fully prepared to recognize and reward many more for their effort, and that’s what counts most! We want to see your effort, creativity, and quality shine in your creations. Stay shiny, adventurers!


1) A-List – All Damage and Healing +6, HP & MP +250, Defense & M.Defense +30, Defense & M.Defense Penetration +15

2) Idol – All Damage and Healing +4, HP & MP +200, Defense & M.Defense +15

3) VIP – All Damage and Healing +3, HP & MP +150

If it’s your first time winning, you’ll be granted the VIP title! The next time you win, you’ll be granted with the next tier of title rewards until you reach the A-List!

How do I make a video?

There are many tools you can use, some are even free! One of our favorite free and easy-to-use tools is, but you can use others such as XSplit, OBS, Fraps, or your personal favorites! Once you put your final touches on your video, upload it to YouTube and submit it to us in the official competition discussion thread. Don’t forget to share it with the world, you don’t need to worry about keeping your creation secret!

For the full legal rules of this competition, click here.