Congratulations to the winners of From Distant Shores!

Congratulations to the winners of From Distant Shores!

We know you’ve all been excited to hear who’s won this latest iteration of From Distant Shores and is taking home the Growling Yawl. Well, wait no more! Here are the winners for each region:

North American Winners

1st Place with 4,485 packs is… Elee of Ollo, a member of <KGB>!
2nd Place with EXACTLY 3,462 packs is… A TIE! Congratulations to Arganaut of Tahyang, a member of <Emergent Gameplay> AND Sirpurple of Kyrios, a member of <DISASTER>!
4th Place with 3,023 packs is… Scythe of Morpheus, a member of <PANTSU>!
5th Place with 2,963 packs is… Nightfall of Kyrios, a member of <Infernal>!

Thanks to this unbelievable tie, both Arganaut and Sirpurple will be receiving the second place reward, the Growling Yawl design.

European Winners

1st Place with 4,256 packs is… Queen of Dahuta, a member of <Savage>!
2nd Place with 4,099 packs is… Hawky of Shatigon, a member of <Aesir>!
3rd Place with 3,426 packs is… Hektor of Sirothe!
4th Place with 3,301 packs is… Qqqwwweeerrrtttyyy of Sirothe, a member of <Tryhard>!
5th Place with 2,677 packs is… Taiver of Leviathan, a member of <Arcane Mayhem>!

If your character name is on this list, expect to see an in-game mail containing your rewards reaching you very soon! But, even if you’re not on this list, everyone who ran a tradepack this weekend can redeem their participation reward by visiting and clicking on the 0 credit purchase to assign your reward to a character.

Some fun data from this weekend…

Total Packs Turned In: 128,276
Total Labor Spent Crafting/Turn In: 14,251,535

Total Packs Turned In North America: 63,761
Total Labor Spent North America: 7,077,471

Total Packs Turned In Europe: 64,496
Total Labor Spent Europe: 7,171,955

Total Packs Turned in PTS: 19 (Poor PTS…)

Leaderboards Per North American Server

1st Akaname 896
2nd Foxyfoxy 468
3rd Thanatoss 383

1st Sirpurple 3,462
2nd Nightfall 2,963
3rd Jgsowns 623

1st Elee 4,485
2nd Blackstars 458
3rd Sparklee 116

1st Arganaut 3,462
2nd Dirtydirty 799
3rd Wurmslayer 187

1st Fabulousfabio 1,934
2nd Auramek 1,063
3rd Sonynhaa 127

1st Shelios 337
2nd Tormentaa 168
3rd Siirya 112

1st Kiillii 2,437
2nd Elendriss 730
3rd Pkghost 664

1st Kagey 2,674
2nd Trakas 1,513
3rd Daholygroehl 511

1st Scythe 3,023
2nd Slayther 2,336
3rd Happykid 1,678

Leaderboards Per European Server

1st Hawky 4,099
2nd Nirty 1,714
3rd Wabi 191

1st Shaylah 1,714
2nd Mordad 1,305
3rd Alton 1,229

1st Anillan 686
2nd Nelena 439
3rd Rippley 376

1st Queen 4,256
2nd Khali 2,250
3rd Manowarr 1,779

1st Silverbloods 2,016
2nd Seelenlos 1,890
3rd Crimsonblood 1,353

1st Taiver 2,677
2nd Haarbal 904
3rd Iamcid 773

1st Hektor 3,426
2nd Qqqwwweeerrrtttyyy 3,301
3rd Dps 1,123

1st Ganicus 1,927
2nd Makion 1,807
3rd Lnwe 1,198

We hope everyone had a great time on the high seas this weekend, and look for more events coming in the future!


The ArcheAge Team