Dive into ArcheAge 4.0 – Maelstrom

Epic naval battles await you in Bloodsalt Bay!

The Maelstrom has arrived! We’ve sailed through Bloodsalt Bay with you, previewed the system updates in 4.0, and crafted a Gem Overhaul overview to celebrate this milestone. Now it’s time to batten down the hatches and weather the storm!

Homecoming Warrior Gear

From December 13th until January 11th (11 PM PST/2 AM UTC) open the Marketplace and grab your Homecoming Warrior’s set! There are two versions with flexibility for new and veteran players.

Under Level 50
For 1 Silver, pick up your Maelstrom Beginner Bundle. Only one per account. Once unwrapped you’ll notice three tiers of wrapped, level-dependent boxes (Heroic Wrapped Greenhorn’s Bundle 10-30, Unique Wrapped Mercenary’s Bundle 30-44, Celestial Wrapped Veteran’s Bundle 44-50). After they’ve been opened you’ll have 10 days before the gear expires, so work and play hard to get to the next level tier. You’ll also receive a 7-day Mount, or Battle Pet (Mirage Bjorne Mount, Lavaspark Battle Pet, Steel Lightning Mount). Once you’ve reached 50 go for the Maelstrom Homecoming Bundle!

Level 50+
For 1 gold you can purchase the Maelstrom Homecoming Bundle once per account. Once you open it you can choose your set of Celestial gear. This gear can be upgraded with Homecoming Warrior Scraps. To earn those, you’ll need to purchase the Homecoming Warrior’s Challenge for 1 gold. This purchase can be made once per day and only once per account. Complete 1 of the 3 missions it has to earn a Homecoming Warrior Scrap. If you don’t need to upgrade this gear, you can save 25 of them and craft the Homecoming Warrior’s Lunagem Crate, which contains 2 of each of the T1 Lunagems!

Log In To Win

In addition to all the exciting, awesome, and all around amazing things we’ve got coming up for you, we’re also offering you some special holiday bonuses as thanks for being one of our players. Want to captain the biggest warship in ArcheAge? Every day you log in is another entry, so keeping logging in to get more chances to win!

All players who log in between December 13th and January 3rd will be entered to win one of these incredible prizes:

  • Grand Prize (3 Winners): Enoan Galleon
  • Second Prize (5 Winners): Growling Yawl Design
  • Third Prize (10 Winners): Seawhip Speedboat Design

You’ll be entered into the giveaway once for each day that you log in during the event, so be sure to log in once per day!

2x Bonus Weekends, 1.5x Bonus Weekdays

Get more while you play this holiday season thanks to daily bonuses. A whole lot of them. From December 13th through January 10th on the weekends earn double Experience, Vocation, Honor, Kyrios Badges, and Loot Drop Chance! During the weekdays the rate will be 1.5 times the normal rate.

Enjoy your time off for the holidays in Erenor!

– The ArcheAge Team

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