Double your regrade chance and buy one, get one charms: May 17 – 24

Looks like you don’t have to ask us on the livestreams when the next regrade event is anymore. It’s HERE!

Starting with server maintenance on May 17 until maintenance on May 24, we’ll be doubling your regrade success rate up to and including the Unique grade! That’s a massive x2 bonus to your success chance! (Bonus does not apply to ship component or pet item regrades.)

Plus, destruction will be temporarily removed from the Celestial grade! Destruction chance will be merged into downgrade chance, keeping your item from harm but not from downgrading to Arcane.

If that wasn’t enough, you’ll also be able to buy one, get one Red Regrade Charms:

  • 2x tradable Red Regrade Charms for 1000 credits!
  • 2x tradable Superior Red Regrade Charms for 2000 credits!

Don’t miss out on this week of luck! Jump into ArcheAge today!

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