Eanna UCC Fix – A Problem To Be Solved

Hello Adventurers,

We’ve been working with XL to get a fix for the missing UCC on Eanna. Both Trion and XL have tried many approaches, and XL finally found one that works! I’ll lay out the details below.

We’ll be reverting back to the September 7th backup we’ve got for UCC. XL tested this approach and it worked correctly, however, doing so will wipe any new UCCs that were created since then. This is unavoidable if we want to return all of the previous UCC. We will be providing replacement brainstorms to compensate for this unfortunate side effect.

Every character on Eanna that’s used a Crest Brainstorm since September 7th will receive a Bound Crest Brainstorm for each one they’ve used, with an additional 5 Bound Crest Brainstorms as compensation.

We’re planning to do this grant during the EU weekly maintenance.

While we don’t like having to clear any UCC data, the least impact was to roll back to this point, and provide replacement Crest Brainstorms for people that have created new crests since then.

Some players that have implemented new UCCs may see their UCC change since the IDs could be pointing towards a different image after the rollback. Users may keep those misdirected images, or may use the replacement Bound Crest Brainstorms to change those images.

We appreciate your patience on this puzzle of a problem.
UPDATE: We’ve decided to delay the UCC fixes in order to take more time for testing.

– The Archeage Team

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