Find your destiny during the Zodiac Festival: August 2 – 16

Find your destiny during the Zodiac Festival: August 2 – 16

Follow the light of the stars and heed the call of destiny as the citizens of Erenor gather for the Zodiac Festival!

Between 12:01 AM GMT on August 2 and 11:59 PM GMT on August 16 visit Solzreed Peninsula to take part in special daily quests and more! For a quick, free hop to the festival, visit Austera, Marianople, or Diamond Shores to find a Solzreed Peninsula worldgate in your Faction Base.

Once in Solzreed, complete the available quests to collect festival coins and earn unique Zodiac Constellation titles to wear! Here’s some of what you can look forward to:

Astrologist Agape will tell you to purchase a Constellation Jar from the Marketplace using Merit Badges. Make sure to get one before beginning your Festival Experience!

Quaini from the local pasture needs help making some Galaxy Gumbo, which can provide combat buffs. Collect the ingredients and cook up the soup each day for a Zodiac Festival Coin and 10 cooking proficiency.

Astrologist Linoa needs some Lustrous Golden Wool, as he’s already run out! Collect those wools and you’ll be rewarded with a Legend of the Zodiac and Husbandry Proficiency in addition to a Zodiac Festival Coin. Legends of the Zodiac can be bound together to create volumes of stories.

Astrologist Yattman needs help collecting Zodiac Owl Feathers, which can only be found at night. Completing his quest offers another Legend of the Zodiac and a Zodiac Festival Coin.

The Young Shepherd Paul isn’t very good at his job, and he’s trying to pull a fast one on Linoa with fabric. Your fabric. 100 fabric, to be precise. Helping this scamp with his ruse will earn you 5 Zodiac Festival Coins.

Once you’ve gotten your legs under you, visit Astrologist Agape again to receive a Constellation Sapling and then begin a Tree of Fate quest. To successfully grow this tree, you’ll need the assistance of another person who has a complimentary constellation title to yours. With their help, your tree will find its destiny and bear a Zodiac Leaf. Helping others bring their tree to fruition will net you 2 Zodiac leaves!

Earn 15 Zodiac Leaves to be able to earn a final reward of 3 Zodiac Festival Coins and the official festival title, “Star Seeker.” If you earn more leaves than the 15, you can turn them into festival coins at a rate of 8 leaves for 1 coin.

Your coins can be used to earn a series of star-struck items, including Bound Honor Boost Tonics, Bound Immortal XP Tonics, Flip-Flops, Bracelets, the Decorative Windcreek and Silver Oasis Lutes, additional Legends of the Zodiac, woven charms to decorate your house, the mystical and decorative Kismet Star Shard (which can make your constellation sign appear above your head), and a Zodiac Festival Pouch that will offer a small amount of gold.

But the true highlight of this event is the Kaleidoscope Flask, which will randomly give you a costume dye when used! Normally these dyes are available on the ArcheAge Marketplace, but you can get this item using your festival coins!

Follow your fates, Adventurers, and earn your coins before the event ends on August 16!