Ice Fishing for Fun and Profit

Fish up some seriously cool rewards during the brand new Miroir Tundra Ice Fishing Festival.

Duration: Begins after the weekly maintenance (NA: Jan 30, EU: Jan 31) and continues to February 14 at 2 AM UTC.
Player Level Required: 30

Head to the frozen wastes of Miroir Tundra or visit a festival worldgate in Austera, Marianople, or the Diamond Shores portal to teleport you to the festival. During this time, Miroir Tundra will be placed into Festival Law – No PvP outside of Guild Dominions allowed.

It may be cold, but these fish aren’t frozen! Your fishing skills will be put to the test in this ice fishing event. The entry quest from Fisherman Hans (a daily) allows you to craft a special Wrapped Ice Fishing Rod using 5 Lumber and 10 Labor. Building the rod each day also offers an Ice Fishing Festival Chest, which allows you to assemble a new book, “Through The Miroir Glass”, or grab an additional Ice Fishing Coin. The timer will start once you’ve unwrapped the Fishing Rod that you’ll use in the next quest from Hans, where you’ll be tasked to reel in special event fish!

Adventurers can also help Fisherman Rohen feed hungry Blizzard Cubs to save them from extinction, turn in 20 Iron Ingots to Legendary Fisherman Deckard to aid his pursuit of a legendary sea monster, and build an igloo with the instructions of Igloo Guide Lazia.

For the EU region, Igloo Guide Lazia offers her expertise in arctic architecture at 2pm, 6pm, 10pm and 2am UTC.

For the NA region, Igloo Guide Lazia offers her expertise in arctic architecture at 7pm, 11pm, 3am and 7am UTC.

Be sure to show up on time to help build the igloo. Once complete it won’t last for long until it melts away!

Miroir Ice Fishing Rewards

  • Through The Miroir Glass Book – Through The Miroir Glass Scroll 1, 2, & 3; 30 Festival Coins.
  • Crest Fish Lantern – 30 Festival Coins
  • Crest Goldfish Lantern – 30 Festival Coins
  • Crest Goldfish Heater – 50 Festival Coins
  • Crest Fish Kite – 50 Festival Coins
  • Goldfish Lantern – 50 Festival Coins
  • Fishbowl – 40 Festival Coins
  • Pink Marlin Weapon Crate (Weapon Skins) – 70 Festival Coins
  • Enchanted Loot Scooper – Offers 10% Drop Rate for 1 hour – 5 Festival Coins
  • Winter Worker’s Scroll – Increases all proficiencies +10,000 and decreases production time by 5% for 1 hour – 5 Festival Coins
  • Ice Warrior’s Heart – Increases honor points gained from quests and wars by 10% for 1 hour – 5 Festival Coins
  • Frosty Farmer’s Flask – Increases Vocation Badge gain by 15% for 1 hour – 5 Festival Coins

– The ArcheAge Team

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