Important Announcement: A reminder on moving under or inside terrain [UPDATED]

Greetings Adventurers,

It has come to our attention recently that some players are moving under the game’s terrain or inside of environmental objects that they should not be inside in order to gain an advantage over others — such as becoming untargetable or interacting with objects while in an untargetable state. We understand that sometimes characters fall through the world, but what we are discussing now are players who intentionally move inside or under the world for a specific gain. We’d like to remind you that as noted in our document on game exploits, this is not allowed within ArcheAge.

In specific, we’ve been made aware of an issue involving the Thunderwing Titan battle, which we have brought to the development team and have asked to be corrected. Should our staff catch any taking advantage of this particular bug, severe punishments will be taken against your account. Any alts performing this technique will have their punishments redirected to their mains.

Thank you for your understanding in advance.

The ArcheAge Team

EDIT: As an additional clarification, players who accidentally become stuck inside of inaccessible buildings, or stuck under the terrain will not be punished. If you become stuck in this manner, either use a glider to get out immediately without engaging in combat with others or abusing fight mechanics or make use of the unstuck command. If you go inside of one of these inaccessible places and then engage in combat with others or use a fight mechanic so that you become untargetable, that will be punished.

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