Jump into Mistsong Summit or the Arena for extra rewards!

Jump into Mistsong Summit or the Arena for extra rewards!

Stand up to the denizens of Mistsong Summit or go toe-to-toe with your fellow adventurers in the Skirmish and Sparring arenas. The choice is yours, but you’ll grab some extra rewards either way!

Battle the Bloodsong: February 23 – March 8

We need bold men and women to continue the assault on Mistsong Summit! Between February 23rd and March 8th at Midnight GMT (4:00 PM PST), a mysterious Masked Daru will be offering extra daily quests outside of Mistsong Summit on the Crimson Altar to take down Dochul, Sojung, and Aria on Easy or Normal modes.

Once one of these quests are complete, you’ll be rewarded with a Daru’s Gift Box! These boxes can offer a variety of rewards including Green and Blue Regrade charms Starlight Archeum, Merit Badges, Bound Hereafter Stones, Clear Synthium for our new Costume Synthesis system, Mistsong Scrolls, Pumpkin Taffy candies, or, rarely, a highly desired Resplendent Regrade Scroll or Red Regrade Charm.

Prove Your Skill in the Arena: March 8 – March 22

While the mission to infiltrate Mistsong Summit may be winding down, the combat is just getting started. The Masked Daru will have a new daily quest on March 8th, and that involves taking down an opponent in either the 1v1 Sparring Arena or 3v3 Skirmish arena. You’ll be able to find him standing with the Arena Manager in your faction’s Capital City – Marianople, Austera, or Growlgate – until the fates call him to return on March 22nd at Midnight GMT (4:00 PM PST).

Once you’re successful in getting a kill to your record, you’ll be able to walk away with an extra Donation Reward Box, which will grant you 5-10 Warrior’s Medals when opened. Perfect for crafting those 300 Warrior Medal Instruments!

And, of course, don’t forget to keep participating in the Login Tracker to gain extra rewards each day, including the coveted Login Badges! (And if you like those extra Warrior Medals, wait until you see next month’s Login Tracker rewards.)