Livestream Recap: April 15th, 2016

Livestream Recap: April 15th, 2016

Greetings Adventurers! Here’s a small recap of the topics we covered on today’s livestream:

Auction House Merges: Last Call!: The time of the Auction House Merges is almost upon us! To learn more about what these merges are, why we’re doing them, and why they are AWESOME, head to our main website and read up!

April Update Overview — There’s some pretty significant changes coming to ArcheAge with the April Update. The re-introduction of our Skill Queue system and the change of 4 major skills to their Korean counterparts means that combat is not only going to run more smoothly for everyone, but it will also perform better for people who have high ping. If your connection was keeping you from the amazing battles ArcheAge has on a daily basis, worry no more. Jump into the fray today! PLUS, we offer up some information on Heart of Ayanad, the Mobilization Call bug is fixed, and we reduced the price on Costume Extraction Alembics from 100 gold to 50 silver!

Watch the Skill Queue and KR skills in action — Wondering how each of these new skills performs in combat? We demonstrate their functionality on the livestream!

The Return of Rum Runner Rapids — Rum Runner Rapids is quickly approaching once more, and the event now features new rewards. See what’s changed, and get ready to ride the wild Loka River!

A Small Update on Archery — As stated in the Archery thread, we have heard back from XLGAMES and are working to paraphrase the information we have received from them on Archery. Look for it to be written up by late next week, and keep an eye on the Archery as Support thread in the general discussion area!

Don’t forget, you can always watch the full livestream on the official Trion Worlds Twitch page at your leisure!