Livestream Recap, Erenor Eternal Edition: May 12, 2017

Greetings Adventurers! Here’s a small recap of the topics we covered on today’s livestream!

Update 3.5 is coming on June 7! – GET HYPE! Update 3.5: Erenor Eternal is coming on June 7. You’ll get a better look at what Erenor Eternal has in store when our next Producer’s Letter releases on May 17, but we did open up the stream with…

3.5 New Zones: Whalesong Harbor & Aegis Island – Two new Auroria zones are being added into Update 3.5: Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island. Both have brand new sets of lore, as well as new PvE events that you’ll have to conquer if you’re looking forward to crafting the Erenor set. For a better look at what these zones feature, head on over to the livestream and check out the opening 10 minutes. It’s worth it.

Upcoming Livestream Schedule — We’re breaking Update 3.5 down in to specific weeks in order to get into the nitty-gritty details you guys love. Here’s the tenative schedule:

May 19 – Trade System & Conflict Changes
May 26 – Crafting Changes, Erenor Items, Regrade Changes
June 2 — New Progression System: Ancestral Skills & Heir Levels

Q&A! – After we wrapped up our preview of Whalesong Harbor and Aegis Island, we dove into community questions. Here’s some of the answers you may have missed:

Q. Regrade event happening anytime soon?
A. *shrugs* What a great question.

Q. When is Erenor Eternal?

A. We’ll announce that when we’re closer to the test build reaching the public. Usually about a week out from release or so.

Q. Will we be getting the 100% slot chance gems with 3.5?
A. Not with Erenor Eternal, sorry. That will come after.

Q. When are we getting the B200 / S200 Cars?
A. Still on track for getting them around Update 3.5. (And we previewed them on this livestream!)

Q. Any comment on no confirmed reports of the Merchant’s Costume: Basic dropping from Misagon’s Hidden Crate?
A. We found a discrepancy in that and our QA team is testing it now. We’ll be bringing the issue up to XL depending on the tests.

Q. Will we see more frequent additions to the Merit Badge shop?
A. Again, we like to expand these stores and continue to make them lucrative. As items fit into that category, we’ll see what we can do to add them there.

Q. Will we ever see Hellkissed Weapons again?
A. One never quite knows…

Q. Will we ever see Soulforged again?
A. See: Hellkissed.

Q. Any chance Socke’s Bed will ever return?
A. Good chance it may show up again in the marketplace in the future. We like to rotate items in and out. This goes for any of the items that were asked of us during the livestream — from Inoch’s Wings to the New Year’s Activewear.

Q. Any word on server merges or transfers?
A. Again, we’re not even considering this until after Update 3.5, Erenor Eternal. We’re focused on getting the update to you guys.

Q. Can crest cubes return to the loyalty store?
A. We’re not looking to bring the UCC items back to the loyalty store right now, but thanks for the feedback!

Q. Any plans to merge the event coins into seasonal coins?
A. No plans to do this, as our events operate differently and sometimes in a different order from theirs.

Q. I’m saving my sealed Delph equipment so I can choose a cloaked version after 3.5. is this a good idea? Is there a pre-3.5 and post-3.5 version? Should I open it now?
A. We’ll talk about this during our crafting livestream on May 26.

Q. Any changes for the drop chance of royal seeds or other ways to get it outside of single planting?
A. It’s a question we get regularly and have had a conversation with XL regarding, but there are no plans to change this method at this time.

Q. I have a 16×16 Improved Scarecrow Farm and I want to get my 8×8 Scarecrow Garden back so I can convert it to a Farmer’s Workstation.
A. Use an evenstone on it and you’ll be able to get your 8×8 Scarecrow Garden back.

Q. Are the constant events going to slow down at all?
A. Right now the plan is to continue doing the lighter events between the heavier events, where a light event is something like double everything, and a heavier event is something like the White Arden Ghost Festival. So you’ll have breaks where there will be some sweet rewards, but the larger events will continue to come on the usual intervals.

Q. Do you have plans to keep working with Invocation Array? I love their music!
A. We love Invocation Array’s music too! As opportunities arise, we’ll see what we can do.

Q. Will we get a fix for people standing in their cars?
A. As amusing as this bug is, it is a bug and we’ve notified the development team.

Q. Will we have more creator contests like the Joyful Homebuilder Society, or Holiday Hero?
A. Yep! We want to do more fun out-of-game contests for our creators and players alike.

Q. Can we get a full explanation of the new trading system coming in Update 3.5?
A. Yes – Keep an eye out for the livestream on May 19.

Q. Any news regarding that new compensation workbench?
A. Yes, it will be coming to the game with Update 3.5. And it’s going to be a new tab in the marketplace, rather than a workbench. That way you can access it anywhere in the world.

That’s all for this week, Adventurers! Remember, you can always watch the replay live on Twitch or YouTube.

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