Livestream Recap: March 31, 2016

Livestream Recap: March 31, 2016

Greetings Adventurers! Here’s a small recap of the topics we covered on today’s livestream!

A further update on the Auction House mergers: We opened up the stream by providing an update on when the Auction House mergers will be taking place (targeting April 19th). Morpheus will be joining Ollo, Salphira, Tayhang, and Kraken cluster. EU is still being looked at, as we may join Rangora to the Shatigon cluster, or merge all of EU’s auction houses together into one shared service. The question comes down to one of hardware capabilities, as we need to make sure the hardware can support that many servers connected to a single Auction House.

We took a moment to discuss Name Impersonation — After what happened this weekend on Therapist’s regrade stream, we took the moment to discuss why our policy assists with Name Impersonation, why we made the decision we did, and what it means for scams in ArcheAge.

NA & EU Event Times — The European community has been asking about the change in recent event times

A discussion of upcoming events — One of the questions we tackled was on upcoming events, and we’ve revealed that we are doing the double experience, loot drop, vocation badge, and honor event this weekend. We’re also considering bringing back the Power Unbound (Grimoire) event back, as well as Rum Runner Rapids in the future.

An update on Archery — Players asked what questions we did ask XL, and Merv details them in this segment. Additionally, it appears that further Archery class changes will happen with Update 2.9 in May and not with the April Update.

Epic Tuna — …why can’t this happen to us on the live servers more frequently.

Ayanad related questions — The team discussed Ayanad Patterns and their drop rates once again, and we had a few answers. We will not be delaying the Auction House merge or the introduction of Ayanad patterns back into Heart of Ayanad based on economic concerns. We’d like to execute both at the same time. Additionally, we’re keeping our eye on the Ayanad thread and taking in feedback from the community on what form the scrap system should take, or if other systems should also be introduced.

Can a guild Dominion their alt guild? — We have discussed players issuing Dominions on their own alt guilds in order to accrue free wins with XL, and both Trion and XL are of the mindset that this activity is not something we want to police. Dominions require investment and time to run, they become much more expensive when run against a single guild, and the gains they provide are not that outstanding. If the team does decide to combat this, it will be through in-game code changes and not player policies.

Archery Discussion — There were many questions surrounding Archery, and Khro took the time to explain what trends we’re seeing out of Korea when it comes to Archery skill changes, as well as our questions with XL.

Will the team consider opening a new Fresh Start server with 2.9? — We currently don’t have plans for opening a new Fresh Start server with Update 2.9, but we go into what we’ve learned from opening a Fresh Start server, and we’re interested in doing one again in the future, perhaps with some of the stuff we learned.

Are we still considering adding in Refined Honorgems? — The answer here is that we’re still looking at if it’s a good idea or not, and how doing so may affect the health of the game. It’s a very large debate, and Khro provides more detail in the stream.

Will we ever be able to re-roll stats on cloaks? — Yes, and it looks like there’s a new item coming to support it in Update 2.9: Ascension.

Are there plans to offer race changes? — Right now, no, there are no plans to offer that. However, it’s something we think would be cool and nice to have in the game.

That’s only a few of the questions we answered this week. For more, make sure to watch the full livestream on the official Trion Worlds Twitch page at your leisure!