Load up, head out: New vehicle options available in the Fresh Start Marketplace!

Everyone’s favorite hauler is back, and it’s bringing some extra items along for the ride!

Been looking for a better way to lug some tradepacks across the world? Consider some of these mechanized motorhead models for your next run. The fan favorite Farm Hauler is re-entering the scene via the Wagon Upgrade Ticket, but that’s not the only vehicle in the set! The Vehicle Upgrade Ticket will let you upgrade any car to a more powerful form, and the Cogwheel Motor is perfect for upgrading your longboards.

New Credit Items (Fresh Start Only)

Wagon Upgrade Ticket – Upgrade your Farm Wagon into the 6 slot Farm Hauler!

Cogwheel Motor – Strap this onto a longboard to fly across the land without having to kick the ground.

Golden Teardrop Storage Chest – This fantastic chest possesses 100 slots to store your items in!

Vehicle Upgrade Device – Use this to upgrade your existing car to the next tier. Apex Squalls become the Apex Drift, Timber Coupes become the Redwood Roadster, and Comet Speedsters become the Nova Speedster.

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