Name Change Service Release Delayed to 5/17

Name Change Service Release Delayed to 5/17


First of all, thank you for your patience and your dedication to the game! We know many of you are excited to take advantage of our name change service, just as we are excited to get it into your hands!

Unfortunately, some final rounds of testing our name change reset on both our internal testing server and PTS revealed a re-naming issue. Our name reclamation script is working as intended, appropriately finding and releasing inactive names. However, those affected players are not being prompted to rename themselves upon logging in (as was the case in Update 2.0). We have been closely working with the team at XL to fix this issue.

As we want to offer the widest variety of names possible, we will need to delay the debut of the Name Change service to next Tuesday, May 17th.

At this time, no names have been released and everyone who has logged in prior to today with their characters will have their names secured for the future. You will not need to log in again to keep your name secured when we do run the Name Reset on May 17th.

Regardless of the Name Reset being performed, we are still awarding everyone with our promised login rewards on schedule. Everyone who logged in during this period can visit the ArcheAge Glyph Shop at and grab a Player Appreciation Coin as a 0 credit purchase.

Again Adventurers, we apologize for this delay, and we look forward to making this new service available on the 17th!


The ArcheAge Team