New Season, New Fashion: Check out Amary’s Spring Collection

Winter was SO last season! Amary’s debuting a new selection of fabulous threads, so make sure you’re on the cutting edge before you’re on the cutting room floor.

This season’s collection emphasizes the bright colors and delicate finery of nature in bloom. Be the talk of the town as you expand your collection with these fashion favorites:

  • Crimson Perinoor Silks
  • Naval Service Uniform
  • Golden Dawn
  • Ebongleam Dynasty Robes
  • Abyssal Wavewyrm
  • Midnight Perinoor Cottons
  • 3 Salon Certificates
  • 100 Fireworks

Visit the Glyph Shop today and pick up this package directly! Meanwhile, in the Marketplace, both Legacy and Fresh Start servers are gaining a brand new Spring Costume Crate. Purchasable for credits, this crate features multiple great costumes and a newly improved set of drops tailored specifically for each server’s economy.

New Credit Items (Fresh & Legacy)

Spring Costume Crate – 420 Credits – The items contained in this crate are as follows:

Legacy Server:

  • Common Drops: Sunpoints or Moonpoints
  • Uncommon Drops: Superior Fire or Wave Lunarite, Fine Fire or Wave Lunarite, Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy, Experience Boost Potions, Lucky Quicksilver Tonics, Vocation Expertise Tonics, Greedy Goblin Gummies, Frankenflavor Jawbreakers, Green Regrade Charms, Blue Regrade Charms, Crest Brainstorms, Salon Certificates, Weapon or Armor Regrade Scrolls, Red Regrade Charms, Clear Synthium Shards.
  • Rare Drops: 5 Fire or 5 Wave Lunarites, Companion Crusts, Fusion Alembics, Super Weapon Temper, Super Armor Temper, Lucky Sun, Moon, or Starpoints, Superior Red Regrade Charms, Kaleidoscope Flask, Vivid Synthium Shards.
  • Very Rare Drops: Prime Weapon Tempers, Prime Armor Tempers, Vivid Refined Lunagems, Midnight Perinoor Silks, Ivory Wavewyrm Costume, Prim Service Uniform, Blossom Perinoor Cottons, Icefall Dynasty Robes, Lucid Synthium Shards, Duun’s Blessing.
  • Most Rare Drops: Lucid Gale Lunagems, Radiant Synthium Shards, Mornstones. Auroria Storage Chest.

Fresh Start Server:

  • Common Drops: Lucky Quicksilver Tonics, XP Boost Potions, Honor Boost Potions, Vocation Expertise Tonics, Frankenflavor Jawbreakers, Marshmallow Sugar Pumpkins, Greedy Goblin Gummies.
  • Uncommon Drops: Axle Grease, Fusion Alembics, Synthium Soaps, Crest Brainstorms, Experience Grimoire, Greedy Grimoire, Companion Crusts, Vocation Tonics, Green Regrade Charms, Blue Regrade Charms, Yellow Regrade Charms.
  • Rare Drops: Super Weapon Tempers, Super Armor Tempers, Specialization Snowflakes, Crest Trade Pack Storage, Language Proficiency Spellbooks, Rainbow Pumpkin Taffy, Professional Tonics, Red Regrade Charms.
  • Very Rare Drops: Prime Weapon Tempers, Prime Armor Tempers, Superior Yellow Regrade Charms, Kaleidoscope Flask, Special Pirate Plushie Trove, Midnight Perinoor Silks, Ivory Wavewyrm Costume, Prim Service Uniform, Blossom Perinoor Cottons, Icefall Dynasty Robes.
  • Most Rare Drops: Superior Red Regrade Charms

New Loyalty Items (Fresh & Legacy)

  • Wrapped Golden Undergarments – 100 Loyalty
  • Wrapped Gold Cat Undergarments – 100 Loyalty

New Gilda Star Products (Fresh & Legacy)

  • Wrapped Ruby Undergarments – 200 Gilda Stars
  • Wrapped Red Cat Undergarments – 200 Gilda Stars

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