Note to Daru: Pirates are not cannonball-proof — ArcheDelivery Event Update

Greetings Adventurers (or, in this case, "Arrrrr, ya saucy seadogs," as this goes out to the Pirate-folk amongst us),

We’re happy to let you know that we’ve gotten in contact with the Daru Courier Guild, the masterminds behind the recent ArcheDelivery event. A few of the Pirate-folk mentioned to us that their chosen supply point below the Ezi’s Lights of Diamond Shores was not so well-chosen. Apparently the Daru were under the strange belief that Pirates were immune to cannonballs being shot at their faces, citing the love of gunpowder that most Pirates demonstrate on a daily basis. The Daru are truly an odd-folk.

We’ve gotten the Daru to temporarily relocate their trading spots to the Crimson Watch Camp in Diamond Shores, and we encourage you seafarin’ folk to visit them there to join the ArcheDelivery event.

There will be a game update in the future to permanently fix this event so the Pirate Faction can participate. But, until then, just visit the new home of the Daru Courier! (And the Daru apologize for any permanent injuries inflicted by the Pioneer Cannons.)

The ArcheAge Team

Source: News & Announcements

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