Remember Nui’s sacrifice during the Hereafter Festival: March 22 – April 5

Remember Nui’s sacrifice during the Hereafter Festival: March 22 – April 5

It was during this time of the year, long ago, when Auroria fell. As Kyrios battled against his friends, one woman performed the ultimate sacrifice in order to save the races of Auroria from total destruction. Thanks to the Goddess Nui, we have made new lives on the southern continents. We dedicate this time of the year to her!

How to participate in the Hereafter Festival

During the Hereafter Festival, all adventurers will be able to retrieve two new special items: Nui’s Diadems and Silverleaves. In order to honor the Goddess, these tarnished Diadems will need to be polished with the Silverleaves at the Mirage Isle Nui Statue, located by the Festival Machines.

Each leaf used will polish the Diadem and seal it. The more polished the Diadem becomes, the higher grade it will reach. Be careful, however! These memories of the Goddess are very fragile after they pass the Celestial tier, and can be broken from further polishing.

Once you are comfortable with your polished Diadem, you can offer it to the Statue of Nui in Mirage Isle for rewards, including:

  • 15 Bound Tax Certificates for a Unique Nui’s Diadem
  • 1 Bound Green Regrade Charm for a Celestial Nui’s Diadem
  • 2 Bound Yellow Regrade Charms for a Divine Nui’s Diadem
  • A Candy-fueled Shell Racer for an Epic Nui’s Diadem
  • A Lucid Lunagem Chest for a Legendary Nui’s Diadem. This chest can contain Lucid Fire or Lucid Wave Lunagems, including Strong Blow, Sharpshot, Apex, Salvation, Buffet, Marksman, Extreme, Aid, Defense, and Magic Defense.
  • A Duun’s Blessing for a Mythic Nui’s Diadem. Duun’s Blessing can turn a Superior Red Regrade Charm into a Silver Regrade Charm, which can increase the chance of a successful regrade on a Celestial or higher item by 2.5x.

How to retrieve Silverleaves and Diadems

  • Silverleaves can be retrieved from the Divine Clock button in the lower left hand corner every 30 minutes. You can earn 6 of these via the Divine Clock per day!
  • You can also purchase Silverleaves from a General Merchant for 10g a piece.
  • Tarnished Nui’s Diadems can be retrieved from the Divine Clock every 60 minutes, and you can get 2 per day via this method.
  • You can also retrieve Diadems from the ArcheAge Marketplace for 40 Loyalty, 40 Merit, or 50 Gilda Stars.
  • Nui’s Diadems can also be retrieved from the bosses in Mistsong Summit’s Normal and Hard mode.

Remember Nui’s love and celebrate her sacrifice during the Hereafter Festival, from now until server maintenance on April 5th!