September Update Spotlight #1: Get the overview of underwear!

September Update Spotlight #1: Get the overview of underwear!

A great time is about to dawn in Erenor. No longer will men and women be shackled to disastrous choices. No longer will you be forced into a color that is not yours. This is the time of free choice! This is the time for open expression! This is a time where you can CHANGE YOUR UNDERWEAR! ALL BEHOLD THE ERA OF BRIEFS AND BRAS!

But seriously, ArcheAge is getting a new underwear system in our upcoming September Update. Here’s the brief(s) you need:

It’s all about customization

Underwear, much like our new costume system, has two important aspects to it – appearance and stat customization. Through the two, you’ll be able to not only control the look of what your character is rocking under their costumes, but also further customize your statistics.

As we go forward, new, varied underwear items will be released. You can turn those different appearances into image items which you can then place on top of your base underwear, which will contain any statistical bonuses you add. This way you can keep your underwear varied without losing the stats that you’ve sewn in.

If statistics or changing your underwear’s appearance isn’t your bag, no worries! You can still get underwear for cosmetic purposes only, or you can add stats to your base underwear without adding a fancy appearance.

How do you craft it?

It’s simple, really. All you need is a Cloth Mana Wisp and 30 Warrior’s Medals. Once you have those, head on over to your local Proven Warrior Workbench and forge those things together to produce your own tighty whities.

The base underwear created will be able to hold stat lunastones, and it can also hold an image made from the appearance of other underwear, as described above.

Underwear can only boost your core statistics – don’t expect to add other types of lunastones to them!