Set sail for a new horizon: Transfers between North American Fresh Start servers are coming next week!

Play on Vengeance but always wished to jump into Reckoning? Play on Reckoning, but always wanted to join friends on Vengeance? Soon, your chance shall come!

Starting on May 17 after weekly maintenance, you’ll be able to transfer your Fresh Start character between Vengeance and Reckoning in North America. That way, if you always wondered if the grass was greener on the other side, you have your chance!

These transfers won’t allow you to move your characters out of our Fresh Start servers, and they won’t let any Legacy characters into Fresh Start. Legacy characters will be able to transfer between Legacy servers as normal. Transfers are also subject to the standard restrictions, as described here.

We hope you enjoy your new home, or find new friends as travel broadens between Vengeance and Reckoning!

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