Thanks from us here on the ArcheAge team

Thanks from us here on the ArcheAge team


Today, we just wanted to drop a small token of our thanks to everyone who has been contributing positively to the ArcheAge community. We’re happy to have you guys here!

If your account…

  • Never received any disciplinary actions from Customer Service for any reason, including chat violations or in-game punishments.
  • Has logged in at some point in the last 30 days.
  • Was created before January 15th, 2016.

Then you are eligible to claim the following reward from ArcheAge’s Glyph Account Management Page:

  • 3 Reward Coins – Redeem these at the Commemorative Event Workbench (looks like a chest of coins) in Mirage Isle for your choice of Legacy Lockbox! Choose one of our former Archeum, Gift, or Costume boxes to get some useful items or a special rare item!

Simply visit and look for the 0 credit purchase that grants these coins. If you were previously banned and then unbanned due to an error, please visit and click “Submit An Issue” to speak with our team and receive your reward coins.

The ArcheAge Team