You gotta spend labor to make labor: January 11 – 23

You gotta spend labor to make labor: January 11 – 23

You’ve heard of the old Daru adage, “You have to spend Gilda Starry-Stars to make Gilda Starry-Stars,” right? Wait… you haven’t? Okay, that’s fair, the Daru are a little… we think the polite term is odd.

BUT, we here in ArcheAge are firm believers on that adage, but with a twist. What if it wasn’t Gilda Stars, but LABOR?

From 12:01 AM UTC (PST+8) on January 11th to 11:59 PM UTC (PST+8) January 23rd, spend some labor to get some in return! Every 30 minutes, the Divine Clock will offer you the time-turning Khrolan’s Rune.

This rune appeared on the bow of an ancient pirate lord known for his cunning and masterwork weaponry. Some have said he was even the first ArcheMaster. While this archer gained fame for his exploits, he eventually chose to retire from his adventurous life and settle in Auroria. He remains there to this day, commanding a team dedicated to building a better and brighter future for all races of the world.

Using his rune will restore 300 labor upon use, but it must be used with 24 hours. You’ll be able to claim this rune every 30 minutes, up to 3 times per day until the event ends.